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2010 ford fusion hybrid, sustainable vehicle, ford hybrid electric, sustainable transportation, green vehicle, fuel efficient vehicle, prius killer

Ford recently revealed an ambitious plan to offer an entire lineup of fuel-efficient vehicles, and their opening foray will be an impressive mid-sized sedan that they hope will be a Prius-killer! Due early next year, the Ford Fusion, is a fully-featured hybrid vehicle that is capable of achieving 39mpg and actively encourages fuel-efficient driving.

2010 ford fusion hybrid, sustainable vehicle, ford hybrid electric, sustainable transportation, green vehicle, fuel efficient vehicle, prius killer

While we appreciate concept vehicles for the way they chart the future of transportation, we’re always excited to see a new production hybrid vehicle enter the market.

Based upon test drives, the Fusion Hybrid is capable of achieving around 43mph on battery power, which is around the same level of performance that a Prius can achieve. One of the most impressive features of the vehicle is its dynamic display, which is designed to encourage fuel-efficient driving. The display features a vine motif on the right side that is green when the driver is saving fuel, and withers when the driver is not. The ford Fusion Hybrid should be available next year and will set you back around $27,000.

We’ve all heard of the big three’s car problems, so it is a shame that it isn’t until these troubled times that we are starting to see their fruits of their green efforts. Although Toyota has set the standard for hybrid vehicles, Ford is quickly trying to catch up to their competitor’s efforts and we look forward to seeing how the race shapes up in the coming months.

+ Ford Fusion Hybrid

Via Businessweek

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  1. Truxedo January 4, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Ford is finally rolling out their hybrid cars and actually attempting to provide fuel efficient autos. Although their new models are better, customers now can not afford the high cost of these vehicles.

  2. mvilimek December 24, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    Finally a 4 door American car, who’s design isn’t so dorky looking. It gets better numbers than the Camry hybrid and looks better too (the Prius is in a different class). And knowing Ford who has always been the most conservative on its numbers because they have been sued more than once about overstating numbers. Something Toyota hasn’t been through, as of yet.

    American manufacturers need to start designing cars people want to buy, it has nothing to do with technology as so many people believe. Cars represent egos of the drivers, and they need to get over that hump of anti-Americanism spawned from an earlier era where the big three were full of arrogance towards the consumers and dumped poorly designed and built products on us. This arrogance was clearly demonstrated by the tooth’n’nail fighting of every law written by the people for the protection of the people.

    These laws were opportunities to seize advantages over the rest of the world, instead of additional “costs”. The cost of the lawyers fighting these cases would have more than paid for the engineering to make it happen, as none of these laws were based in science fiction. To this day, these laws give us the safest and most environmentally friendly vehicles on the earth. There are countless home market vehicles that all big name import manufacturers produce that can not meet the safety and environmental laws of the United States (and California). It is such a travesty that Toyota who looks so green to us, produces such non-green and very unsafe vehicles for other markets. And those European cars that Europeans actually buy and drive, very few of them can meet the environmental and safety regulations here, though thankfully the EU is now forcing them to change.

    What I do like about Ford’s plan is that one world vehicle. To most they don’t understand what that really means. For the first time in the world there will be a manufacturer that will give the entire world the same car, with the same safety and emissions regulations as those we enjoy here. This is a break through of epic proportions as no government has the will or strength to enforce our level of laws on their own industry due to the same argument Detroit has said for decades.

  3. tomknows December 21, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Lovely sentiment, but not really good enough. American car manufacturers have fallen way behind the rest of the world, and they just don’t seem to realise that people want green cars to be green, not just for the credentials that the word ‘hybrid’ brings to a car.

    This has about the same level of environmentalism as the Lexus hybrid 4x4s do. Nice effort, but really shouldn’t be praised as the be-all and end-all. Manufacturers really should be looking into the hydrogen options more as well. Far Eastern manufacturers will completely take over soon, all for the better as well.

  4. SimpleGreen December 21, 2008 at 2:50 am

    I’m in for a Fusion Hybrid! Recent real-world testing has the mileage above 50 MPG!!!
    LA Times 12/19/08:,0,1742816.story
    I currently have an Escape Hybrid because a Prius couldn’t haul 12 concrete blocks, two sacks
    of Quickcrete, 18 2×4’s, three computer hard-drives and CRT monitors, a boxed 12″ miter saw,
    and six bags of groceries, a passenger AND get 36 MPG at the same time. When hauling a 1500
    pound trailer with building materials it still got 29 MPG at 60 MPH. Am I impressed? Are you?
    Do I expect the same performance from a sedan with four adults driving over the mountains and
    in Seattle with all the steep hills, you bet! Can Ford produce such a vehicle? Seems they will.
    I am looking forward to a Focus with a hybrid diesel that will blow-away a VW Golf. Wonder why
    Ford DIDN’T seek the Federal bail-out like GM and Chrysler? Maybe they wanted autonomy.

  5. Themistocles December 19, 2008 at 8:24 am

    What a technological achievement! Oh, but wait a minute… my 98 Saturn gets 48 mpg without any hybridization. Hummm. Maybe if the Big 3 had taken all the money they used in their suits against California and opposing the CAFE standards and put it into building the right vehicle things wouldn’t be quite as bleak. The whole happy motoring economy/way of life is a dead man walking. They should be allowed to die and let the remnants of their industry begin making mass transit components.

  6. Gang green December 18, 2008 at 2:04 am

    Sounds great. Nevermind that the existing Prius gets better milage (48) for $5000 less, and has a whole lot more experience behind it . . . The Big 3 not only are late to the game and will have to struggle to catch up – they opposed improving CAFE standards for mpg and alternative fuels for so long that it is now biting them in the ass. I won’t shed any tears . . .

  7. cpine December 17, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    Yeah. Sure. Wait 10 years and you’ll feel like you’re paying 1980 prices for cars. That IS a very good competitive price for a hybrid technology personal transport vehicle! So, the big question is, in these hard times, now that Toyota has moth-balled its union-busting Prius manufacturing facility in Mississippi, and Ford is demonstrating that an affordable domestic hybrid can be manufactured under union contracts, will Toyota up the ante by repositioning the Mississippi plant for the manufacture of PLUG–IN hybrids, and thereby justify Senators Cochran and Wicker (both Republicans) torpedoing the U.S. Big Three auto industry protection plan…

  8. Brian Lang December 16, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    I want one. Now drop the price by $10,000 so I can afford it.

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