Colleen Jordan has been pleasing fashionista green thumbs with her Wearable Planters for years, and her adorable new Planter Rings will have you saying “I do”. Each colorful bauble is 3D printed and holds a teeny tiny plant for you to tote around on your hand.

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Rather than dazzling with diamonds or gemstones, Jordan’s ring lets wearers show off their love of technology and, of course, nature. The rings come in both diamond and icosahedron shapes with a hollow center that can hold your favorite tiny blossom or greenery. Jordan recommends preserved moss or small air plants that can survive in the small living space.

Each ring is 3D printed with Selective Laser Sintering as one piece. The rings are then hand dyed into a variety of colors and varnished to protect against water damage. Wearable Planters also makes portable planters for your bike, to wear around your neck, or hang anywhere, in teeny sizes of course.

The minute sprig on your hand will have gawkers asking “is that thing real?” just like any flashy gem would. Each ring comes with a small metal planting tin. For those not versed in raising plants, Wearable Planters gives a step by step tutorial on their website for planting all sorts of varieties.

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Via Design Milk