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Allianz 4000: The World’s First Hybrid Electric Street Sweeper

Posted By Andrew Michler On December 17, 2010 @ 1:18 pm In Green Transportation,Innovation | No Comments

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Street cleaning is a service we might take for granted, but it is hard to miss the irony of a street cleaning machine that spews diesel exhaust, dust, and makes a racket. The Allianz 4000 is the world’s first hybrid street sweeper, and it promises to be a lot quieter while reducing diesel exhaust — it relies on a set of Lithium Ion batteries [2] to give it a boost. This bad boy offers 4-wheel drive, can go 60 mph, is quiet, and best of all it’s 40% more fuel-efficient. Read on for the dust up.

green street, hybrid street sweeper, clean street, new street sweeper, Allianz hybrid, green street utility, [3]

Time to park your old street sweeper in the garage — take a look at the new Allianz 4000 Electric Hybrid Sweeper [4] next time you need to clean up the neighborhood. OK, you may not be in the market for one — but you still might appreciate how much a difference hybrid technology [5] can make in a street sweeper. The on-board diesel motor spins a 120-kilowatt permanent magnet generator. The drive is a 160-kilowatt induction drive motor and a 60-kilowatt electro-hydraulic drive unit spins the brooms.

The 4-wheel drive vehicle can turn on a dime, and like other street sweepers it can water down the road, scrub it up and haul away the debris. It has a set of filters that remove micron-sized dust for cleaner air, and it meets the tough SCAQMD [6] air standards as well. It’s all enough to bring out the inner clean freak in us.

+ Allianz Sweepers [7]

Via Notcot [8] and Auto Motto [9]

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