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Artist Rides a Giant Paper Boat Down the Thames River

Posted By Brit Liggett On November 9, 2010 @ 6:41 pm In Art,Design,Environment,Water Issues | 2 Comments

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This past weekend in London artist Frank Bölter [2] relied on a little help from his friends — and complete strangers — to make sure his latest artistic feat didn’t plunge into the murkey waters of the Thames. With a few hands from his crew and a few passersby Bölter floated down the famous river in a boat made of nothing but paper! Before his launch, he asked for the help of spectators to fold his white sheet into a proper floating vessel and then took a ride through the middle of London while reading a newspaper. The piece is entitled To The World’s End and was a part of the Drift10 bi-annual art exhibition [3].

drift10, london art, art in london, london museum, paper boat, how to make a paper boat, ILLUMINATE PRODUCTIONS, Frank Bölter, To The World’s End [4]

Frank Bölter’s less than sturdy vessel was made entirely of paper and folded to resemble an origami hat — origami boats, origami solar panels [5], what will they think of next? He asked passersby to lend a hand in the making of the vessel once they arrived on the shore of the Thames as the piece of paper isn’t your average 8 1/2″ by 11″. The boat was inspected by a member of the water [6] police in London before it set sail and was deemed to be — albeit not by a boating expert — safe for the voyage.

Other art pieces in the exhibition include one by Julius Popp [7] that showcases falling water droplets that form temporary words before they descend to join the river on it,s journey to the sea and another by James Capper [8] which features wind powered glowing buoys. Drift10 is put on by Illuminate Productions, a non-profit organization that looks to display works of modern artists for diverse audiences. Drift is a bi-annual exhibition that looks to elevate the River Thames to the level of the galleries and museums that line it — why can’t a river exhibit art? Throughout the fall and winter artists [9] will be showing pieces on and in the river to the public.

+ Drift10 [10]

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Via The Daily Mail [12]


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