Catherine Winter

An avid permaculture gardener, locavore, and novice (but enthusiastic!) canner, Catherine Winter joins Inhabitat after spending the last decade working as a writer and editor for non-profit/eco organisations. She has contributed to both print and web-based media for clients across North America and Europe, and is slowly plodding her way through her first novel-writing attempt. Born and raised in Toronto, she has given up city life and moved to the wilds of rural Quebec, where she acts as Art Director for her graphic design company, Winter-Hébert. Her blog, Sustenance, delves into healing comfort foods from around the world, and she also contributes to various other food blogs and print publications whenever possible. When she isn't writing or delving into artstuffs, Cate can be found reading, studying herbal medicine, wrestling with knitting projects, or tending her garden. Twitter @MiladyDewinter