Omayra Rodriguez Silva

Omayra designs exhibits and installations of visual art and merchandise in Cleveland, Ohio. She also has several years of experience as a translator, freelance writer, and Spanish tutor. A native of Caguas, a town in the mountainous heart of Puerto Rico, Omayra quickly grew to appreciate the unique ecosystems both on the island and throughout the Caribbean archipelago. Given the rich history and limited geography (100x35 miles) of the island, she decided that Puerto Rico was the perfect place to explore options for better management of natural resources and sustainable environmental practices for businesses, organizations, and government sectors. Omayra received a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs in 2002 before moving to Chicago, Illinois, where she studied at the Chicago Center of Green Technology (CCGT) and subsequently received certificates in Building & Construction Management, Architecture, Engineering, Green Business, Green Home & Garden, and Interior Design. As a professional in Museum Administration, Omayra also promotes the preservation and development of community programs focusing on cultural heritage. Omayra is currently working on the LEED Green Associate professional certification.

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