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Kinetic Energy Generating Pavegen Floor Tiles Will Harvest Footsteps to Light UK Shopping Center

Posted By Molly Cotter On September 28, 2011 @ 10:38 am In Green Products,Recycled Materials,Renewable Energy | 7 Comments

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With nearly 30 million shoppers a year, the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre [9] has plenty of foot traffic. The mall plans to install a grid [10] of Pavegens in a main crossing outdoors between the shopping centre and the London Main Stadium [11], which is known as the heaviest trafficked area. Depending on the walkway’s [12] use, the grid will work its way up to powering the entire mall’s [13] lighting system.

The Pavegen floor tiles flex a slight 5 millimeters when stepped on, capturing kinetic energy [14] which is either stored in lithium polymer batteries [15] beneath its surface or converted into 2.1 watt-hours of electricity [16] and distributed throughout surrounding lights. The center of the tile illuminates [17] when stepped upon, not only informing the passerby of their contribution [18] to the environment but also encouraging the continuation of sustainable awareness [19] and decisions. The first designs were aimed at illuminating small spaces like bus stops [20], ticket machines, refrigerators [21], and shop signs, but with a large number of Pavegens, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

The Pavegen tiles themselves are completely eco-friendly. The entire casing is made of marine grade stainless steel [22] and recycled polymer with low carbon [23] concrete. The top surface is built entirely of old truck tires [24] that are not only a great use of recycled material, but also make the tiles incredibly durable [25] throughout years of weather and wear. Even the manufacturing [26] of the Pavegens is kept within 200 miles of the company’s main office, reducing energy wasted through transportation [27]and assembly.

After winning the Big Idea category of the U.K.’s Observer Ethical Awards [28] earlier this year, Kembell-Cook is now in the running to win the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur [29]of 2011 Award which would give him 10,000 ₤ to use towards his invention. Lets hope this will bring Pavegen tiles to the U.S and around the world soon.

+ Pavegen [4]

Via Core 77 [30]

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