BACK TO SCHOOL CONTEST: Win a $500 Solar Bookbag Prize Pack!

by , 08/26/09

Inhabitat back to school giveaway contest, noon solar solar bag, solar power, sustainable design, green design

Green your back-to-school regime with our eco-friendly giveaway contest!

It’s almost that time of year again when leaves start falling and students everywhere get ready to go back to school. To get into the fall academic spirit and help our readers green their back-to-school regime, we’re running a contest on Inhabitat to give away an AMAZING sun-powered bag by NoonSolar, chock full of eco-friendly back-to-school goodies like recycled paper notebooks, erasers and pencils. Our back-to-school prize pack is worth over $500, and can be all yours, if you enter our contest. It’s easy to enter – here’s how:

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3. Await instructions, which will be emailed out to all of our subscribers today!

Inhabitat back to school giveaway contest, noon solar solar bag, solar power, sustainable design, green design


The grand prize winner of our competition will win an eco-chic Noon Solar book bag stuffed with an assortment of eco-friendly school supplies including an awesome back-to school bundle from New Leaf Paper in addition to eco-friendly pencils, pens, and notebooks donated by Green Depot. These eco-chic bags are perfect for keeping laptops, cellphones, ipods, and other gadgets charged while on the go, and they’re made from sustainable materials including hand-dyed hemp and vegetable-tanned leathers. We’re offering your choice of a rust hued Augusta Tote (worth $412) or an all black Sawyer bag (worth $497).

Inhabitat back to school giveaway contest, Inhabitat T-shirt, Inhabitat Tshirt


Five runner-ups will receive an Inhabitat T-shirt (or tote bag) of your choice. Made from soft organic cotton and printed using eco-friendly water-based inks, they’re just the thing for hitting the books in style.

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  1. Willie June 1, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Hey, that post lveaes me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!

  2. louloufelts August 19, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    It’s hard to stay green
    When you’re sixteen
    There is so much eco-bad junk to excite you!
    We plug-in our cell phone ready to text!
    Our school offers Net-books I have to charge what the heck
    Do I think of the power I’m using?
    I try, yes I try but plugs are near by
    So I use them
    If I win this prize I will advertise
    All the things we can do for our planet
    Pencils, paper, notebooks and a Solar book bag
    Oh my! My parents can save their money to buy
    Organic food and school supplies
    I want this bundle, PLZ don’t make me cry
    I will plant a tree on Arbor Day
    I will not buy bottled water
    Or the gas-guzzler used Mustang of which I dream
    As you can see, I am already going green
    And I will not stop I promise!

    This entry is a collaboration between me and my sixteen year old Grand-daughter Amanda and she really would love a used Mustang but her dad said no way! They are a young family with two teen daughters Jess will be sixteen next August and they watch every penny.

  3. Mason_Jar August 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    First off, in three weeks time I will be leaving my 3 year old son for ten months, to attend college. I am 26 years old and struggling to get by as it is. I am a firm believer that everyone needs to do their part to help save the planet, because you and I both know not enough is being done about it. I am currently enrolled to take a Wind Turbine Technicians course in PEI, and I live in Pictou, Nova Scotia where the first Daewoo factory for wind turbines will be installed. I am Looking forward to doing my part in helping to protect our planet and make it last not only for me and for my son, but for everyone. We ALL NEED TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THE BIG PICTURE. We as humans are consumers so the more we consume the less natural resources available for us, so if we can find ways to use up any old junk, recycle any already existing man made products, and restrain ourselves from over using, and over wanting , and over producing so many trivial things, than our planet actually has a chance. I don’t really need this bag and I know I can’t afford one. I just think it would be great if I could tell myself, my son, my friends and family that there are better ways to take care of our planet. That this Bag I could win would be the perfect constant reminder, and a great conversation starter to maybe plant a seed in peoples minds of “ALTERNATIVE METHODS”. I would be proud to carry an Eco-friendly “NoonSolar Tote Bag” and it would go perfectly with the theme my college course represents as well. I support your product and your cause to the fullest extend and hope you consider me as a prime candidate for your winner if not, i will continue to do my part, in the continuing efforts in protecting our planet and all its resources, thank you for your time!
    Jared Joseph Hickey

  4. venky September 4, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Having been at the receiving end of careless peoples’ doings,

    watching dose sick people become the embodiments of meanness

    when all we could do was reel under them,

    too fearful that i could hurt them if i stood against ’em…..

    Too enervate with those regular bouts of uneasiness,

    that u could no longer can live in zen under that duress

    Then we are commuting d same heart rending path…..

    without realising that our docile lives are sagging under those wicked weights….

    Those mishaps becoming memories which are forbidden to forget yet forsaken to remember

    and we still faithfully wait until our fragile bodies finally fall prey to dose merciless monsters!!!………..

    this was all i could get to my staggering mind when i think what we as vainglorious men have done to ourselves and d planet….we never bothered to keep a check on ourselves or the fellow neighbor when he behaved irresponsibly …. the loss is irreversible ……..the end is near ……..but we stil have hope and we can delay the apocalypse if we go green……..i think i have reasoned out why i need the bag

  5. nshoe15 September 2, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Why win such a cool bag + supplies, to make all the professors jealous of course. I mean just trembling green with envy. Currently, our architecture school is helping us learn LEED standards for our projects, and for all those late night, early morning – never-going-home weeks (breathe…) how can one find an outlet!? A bag full to power all my needs, wow! If only it had a built in green shower and I would never need to go home! With such a neat school bag, I can take it to AIAS conferences and make them green with envy to! The use of such a bag would take away any worries of a dying cell, music device (its law not to let the music run out!), and even laptop to take studio work out side of studio. The bag would become my new studio + and new life (unplugged!). And as for the school supplies, I already bought my supplies and yes, recycled products as well. So I would donate them to a school or the breadbasket with hopes to spread more of the movement with the younger generation. Sustainability is life, how else did the forests, deserts, and oceans survive through ice ages and world events before we tried to ruin it? Let’s get back to the essentials folks!

  6. zdolfin75 September 2, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    My son (and I) need this bag. It is the first step toward his world domination. You see, now he will influence other children at his urban school with style and utility. His teachers will be impressed by his preparedness, meanwhile they’ll be astounded and humiliated by his global awareness. They won’t even notice him perfecting his hand-eye coordination, mental skills, and reflexes at recess on his PSP, for they will all be fighting over who orders their bag next online in the teachers’ lounge. Unobserved by distracted teachers, he will learn business management by selling charge time to his fellow students for the money that would have been spent on sodas. By the time he reaches high school he will have enough saved to rent a bag & laptop to each of his classmates and pay his way to the Ivy League school he has been accepted to because they got word of his community efforts. The entire school will be rated top in the country both in health and scholastics. Each student will vow to follow him unquestionably for the rest of their lives. He will reach out to 1 child in every major urban area of the united states with a franchise only requiring 10% of the gross and 10% donated to the charity in his name. Virally this will spread across the world. By the time he is 30 (with his second doctorate completed) he will be asked to govern the newly founded Conserveral party and the league of nations united by his world charity projects. Wars will end because everyone has a bag, there is nothing left to fight over. PLUS we just went camping in the High Sierras fo a week and my IPod died and he was pretty grumpy… help the mommy of our future world leader!

  7. Harinder August 28, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    I would be extremely grateful if I was able to win this. I am a subscriber and newsletter subsciber, Facebook fan and a Twitter follower. I love the environment. I love Mother Earth. I love our world.

    I would be elated to win this! I need this because there are no eco-friendly supplies sellers near me! I hate buying the regular supplies because I know how much that harms our environment. I want to do my part. It would be AMAZING to win this. I could use most of the supplies and I’ll give some away. I campaign a lot for going green and stopping Global Warming so I can give people a little reminder so they can remember to go green. I want to tell our mayor that we should have an Environmental Club and these supplies would help in petitioning.

    The bag and school supplies look excellent. I’m actually a student going back to school so this would be extremely helpful. I love how the notebook says “RESCUED PAPER NOTEBOOK”. This is likely to be a conversation starter and a great ice breaker because I’m going to be attending a new school.

    Most of all, the bag, school supplies and shirt are GREAT ways of getting the message out there. Many people don’t know or don’t care about the environment. I do. Everyone and everything is being affected by Global Warming. GO GREEN! xoxo

  8. ColonelSeitan August 28, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    These are interesting ideas…pretty cool.

    Looking at the page for the solar bags, who gets to decide that the leather bags are “ethically sourced?” That doesn’t make much sense to me… :/

  9. greenkeeper August 28, 2009 at 8:03 am

    deck my arm with bag of nature
    la la la la la,la la la la
    who would win it such a lucky creature
    la la la la la,la la la la
    must have a walking energy panel
    la la la la la,la la la la
    to save more time to travel and gather
    la la la la la,la la la la

    Ok, to be serious, it would be a great inspiration for an industrial design studant like me,and i can work any peaceful,quite place (like a forest or beach ) without worrying about the battery. And to use reciycled materilas would gave me a big relief for saving another tree…

  10. Ari.Isaacman August 27, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    Dear Inhabitat,

    I work in the education field – my life’s goal is to mobilize for the resources to empower children to become happy and healthy adults. I am also currently pursuing a full time MBA at GWU. Additionally, I am the President of Net Impact and started a Certificate in Responsible Management that works to get MBAs out of the classrooms and boardrooms and into the real world, working to apply business skills to create a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible world – check it out at

    I am always on the run, riding my scooter to school and work, I would be able to use this awesome bag to charge up my phone and laptop so that I am ready to go get em wherever I go !

    Thanks for this opportunity – I would put the bag to great use!

  11. bmitd67 August 27, 2009 at 5:09 pm

    I am a new stay-at-home dad. This bag would be great so I could carry my gadgets & recharge my gadgets in the same bag as my diapers (cloth) and extra baby stuff (mostly reused) instead of the not-so-eco-friendly bag we got from the hospital which promotes wasteful, unhealthy products.

    Besides, all the eco-friendly school gear would be great for my wife who is a a work-away-from-home middle school counselor and we KNOW how much middle schoolers like cool school stuff


  12. babakers5 August 27, 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Needing to win this is an understatment!!!!

    I would love to win this so that I can work outside longer. I currently do my studies online and sometimes it can get a little mundain sitting in the house day in and day out. Occasionally, I like taking a trip to the park and sitting under a tree to work. Without an outlit outside, duh, I can’t stay too long. Winning this would mean I could stay outside without worrying about little problems like this. I could pack up and go, sit in the park for hours and enjoy the sounds of birds and dogs and leaves rustling in the distance and still work.

    Winning this would be fantastic! I need to win, I want to win, I HAVE TO WIN!!!! LOL

    Seriously though, this would be amazing!!!!

    -barbarabaker :)

  13. echeney August 27, 2009 at 3:51 am

    Wow, what fun that “green” bag would bring me! I would use everything in it as well as the bag. Some of my editors still send me hard copies of manuscripts to copy edit and other editors send me electronic files. When I take off from that work to work for Habitat for Humanity to dig post holes and saw wood, yes saw wood, not logs, and take my cell phone, I will never have to worry about my cell phone going dead or my laptop getting uncharged. I can call for help if I lose a finger, or if need directions to build a ramp, I can use my laptop to find out how. Wait a minute. I already know how to build a ramp. Maybe on my lunch break, I can even get a bit of editing done? Plus, those days that I commute to teach college classes, I can leave the bag in the sun as I drive and know that my lecture notes will still be ready for me when I get to class. My students will think I am an alien from some distant planet because I won’t have to plug in the laptop. Maybe I am just dreaming that such a bag can do all that, but it is a wonderful dream I hope lots of people will make a reality. If I won the bag, I would make everyone green with envy, so green that they would go buy one, so green they would change the world with their bags.

  14. ilianavillafan August 27, 2009 at 12:09 am

    I should win this wonderful prize because I am going to be a college student in September and so far I have nothing to take with me but the clothes on my back and an old clunky bicycle. I’ve had to make so many concessions; my economical prospects are extremely dim. Mostly though its because I never win anything and I am perfect for this contest (just perfect, I start college in exactly 25 days)! I suppose I would look really cool with the solar bookbag, but more to the point I would be helping make this little earth a little better. If I win I will treasure the bookbag for years on end…give it to my offspring… put it up on the mantel in my solar-powered home when I get old… and sigh a little remembering the awesome time I had conserving the earth as an bright-eyed idealistic kid. Well, I think that was more than enough, no?

  15. patrickmc August 26, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    I’m about to leave my job to spend more time home with my children and could really use the Noon Solar bag to carry around my laptop while biking my kids around town and trying to do some consulting work on the side.

  16. verodelavega_79 August 26, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    I need a NoonSolar tote bag cause I´m an architect involved in sustainable issues, and I believe in new energy as a way to live in a better world!
    I´m always carrying laptop and cell phone, so I can help with -1 person using electric energy and +1 renewable use, as an example to the other people!

    Thanks, i want to be greener!

  17. ArielleKessler August 26, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    I think I should win this amazing contest for a few obvious reasons. 1. I’m your typical student dry on money and an awesome NoonSolar bag filled with eco-friendly supplies is the exact thing that will not only make me extremely happy, but my wallet as well. 2. I absolutely love saving energy and the planet because this planet is the only place where I can spend countless hours on the computer e-mailing friends, entering contests and hoping for the best. I hope my poor humor, and great desperation will convince you to choose me as your ‘one lucky winner’.

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