Dutch studio Makkink & Bey created a weird and wonderful Cheese Maker in close collaboration with craftsmen from India. The new imperfect design was inspired by a mix of Dutch cheese making and ceramic tradition, and the way Indians stack houses because of overpopulation. Made from a tower of different materials and handmade objects, the Cheese Maker will be on display at the 2014¬†Milan Furniture Fair‘s Ventura Lambrate.

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The Cheese Maker consists of a tower made from a juicer, a milk jug, spoon, colander, pan, cutting board, bowl, cheesecloth and a press. Each product is hand-made of different materials such as wood, ceramics (blue pottery), metal, copper, cotton, soapstone and marble.

This curious handcrafted object comprises an Imperfect Design initiative to help a Jaipur organization empower and educate children and women in the area.

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Photos by Imperfect Design