It’s been a while since we talked about compact habitats, but it’s one of our favorite topics. Efficient use of space is the best way to maximize your living quarters. It helps you conserve resources, keep your life organized, and enjoy clutter-free surroundings. Bonbon Trading‘s got compact down pat with their Doc sofa/bunk bed unit. The single couch swings easily into two separate spots for resting your weary head. That’s smart furniture.

Bonbon’s materials are not quite as smart as their designs. Though ease of use and economy of space bode well for an efficient lifestyle, Bonbon might do well to adopt some more sustainable materials. We certainly hope green thinking infuses Bonbon, because their modern rendition of the classic Murphy bed — and new incarnations of the “wall bad” style — are downright brilliant. Add a Convertible Kitchenette from Vestal Design and a Living Unit by Andrea Zittel, and you could break records for spatial efficiency.

+Bonbon compact living section