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CF Salicath Builds Fully Functional TLR Camera from LEGOs

Posted By Charley Cameron On February 22, 2012 @ 2:34 pm In Greener Gadgets,Innovation,Recycled Materials | No Comments

C.F. Salicath Legoflex B1 is a TLR Made from LEGOs [1]

Norwegian photographer Carl-Fredric Salicath [2] yearned for the mechanical simplicity of traditional film photography. So when he set about building his own camera he used the most elemental construction tool of all: LEGOs! His fully-functional LEGO [3] camera, dubbed LegoFlex B1, is loosely modeled on a Rolleiflex [4] — the Twin Lens Reflex Medium Format Camera first introduced in 1929.

C.F. Salicath Legoflex B1 is a TLR Made from LEGOs [5]

Salicath impressively constructed the film chamber and many of its moving parts from a LEGO technics kit [6], he even found a pre-cut LEGO piece that functioned perfectly as the aperture. The mirror for the camera’s viewfinder was sourced from Salicath’s girlfriend’s make-up kit, while the Legoflex B1’s matching lenses were popped out of an old pair of binoculars.

You can see some a couple of the images shot with Legoflex B1 over on Salicath’s blog [7], and the considering the materials he worked with, they are surprisingly good! While the salvaged binocular lenses may not provide the sharpest of images, the LEGO brick/duct-tape combo remarkably does not leak light.

Last year we saw another working LEGO camera, Legotron Mark 1 [8], a slightly simpler Brownie-based SLR which held a Kodak f4.7 lens. Salicath has his sights set on an SLR for his next project, noting that if he constructs a B2 [2], it will be a  35mm SLR with a Nikon F-mount.

If any LEGO loving shutterbugs are curious to try this out for themselves, Salicath details the process of building the camera on his blog [7].

+ CF Salicath [7]

Via gizmodo [9]

All images © CF Salicath [7]

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