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Kolman Boye Architects wrapped Vega Cottage in a continuous timber skin weathered to an attractive silver-gray patina that matches the muted and natural tones of the landscape. Situated on top of a rock beneath a granite shoulder, Vega Cottage complements the rocky and uneven terrain with its rugged facade. The architects hid the entrance to the house within a narrow natural ravine lined with dense vegetation to maintain the wild and untouched appearance of the surrounding landscape.

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Inside, the contemporary cottage is clad in linseed oil painted pine with untreated birch skirting for a rustic and cozy effect. The compact house is split into two levels to adapt to the uneven landscape, with the upper floor comprising the smaller private quarters, whereas the lower level features an open-plan living room centered on a stone hearth. Large windows throughout the cottage frame three distinct views of the landscape: the ocean, the mountain range, and the bedrock.

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