Chef Daniel Angerer Defends Cheese Made From Wife’s Breast Milk

by , 03/09/10
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Last week, we brought you news about Chef Daniel Angerer’s special cheese made from his wife’s breast milk, and boy did that open a can of worms! While we expected knee-jerk ‘EEEWWW‘ reactions from people, we didn’t really imagine the extent to which people would get up in arms about breast milk cheese – something which in our minds is totally natural, organic, and not gross in the slightest. People got so concerned about the breastmilk cheese issue that apparently the New York Department of Health came to pay Angerer a visit over the weekend.

Well you can rest assured that Angerer’s “My Spouse’s Mommy Milk Cheese” is not being sold to the public at his restaurant, Klee Brasserie – he confirmed that on the radio today. But we still don’t see what is so awful or scary about the idea of serving, local, organic, healthy cheese made from breast milk. How is this any less gross than eating cheese that came from the manure-covered teat of a factory-farmed, hormone-laden, antibiotics laden cow? After all, you have to admit that when it comes to foods that are organic, local, natural and free, human breast milk ticks all the boxes. And, remember, the stuff is naturally DESIGNED to be the ultimate human sustenance. So what do you think? Would you eat cheese made of human breast milk?


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  1. LeahFairchild March 11, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Absolutely! It’s safe and much healthier than the alternative.
    It’s sad that consuming byproduct from another species is deemed normal in mainstream society while consuming byproduct from our own is weird…..
    There is no sense in it! I’m grateful for the conversation as this can begin the process of actualization.

  2. CP March 11, 2010 at 12:21 pm

    Trying this comment again; I think it got stuck in the mod queue.

    Human milk is only “organic” in a very lay sense of the term – a person isn’t (necessarily) an animal that has been kept additive- and GMO-free for several years, so it’s doubtful that human milk would qualify as USDA organic.

    Beyond that, Yuka’s comparison between human breast milk and factory farmed milk is a pretty classic false dichotomy – I wouldn’t drink that filthy shit either, thanks very much, but the reasons why I wouldn’t consume human milk are very different.

    The fact that people are so bothered by adult consumption of breast milk deserves exploration and respect. We have taboos against incest, too; we don’t go through the set of rational arguments against it and conclude that on the balance we won’t mate with our siblings, we just find ourselves averse to the idea. And there are sound evolutionary reasons for this.

    Something similar may be going on here: breast milk, if it’s “for” anything, is for babies. Adults may have an evolved aversion to consuming it because it would decrease the sustenance available for infants in the community. Consuming breast milk may be deeply disfiguring of what for lack of a better word I’ll call “human nature”.

    The thought of a bunch of privileged people tittering and (loudly, attention-grabbingly) asking rhetorical questions about what on earth is wrong with eating human milk product is also kind of sick-making.

    And while we’re on the subject: People aren’t cows. With the exception of infants, we don’t eat things that come from people. God help us all if the posh set gets a taste for “Mommy cheese”; the poor mothers of American may find themselves the recipients of the indecent proposal that they sell their milk to meet the demand…

  3. Helman700 March 10, 2010 at 11:16 am

    No, but I’m not going to freak out and call the health inspector about it.

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