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Climate Change Could Render Our Favorite Foods Extinct

Posted By Lori Zimmer On May 16, 2013 @ 4:30 pm In Environment,environmental destruction,News | No Comments

green design, eco design, sustainable design, climate change, world food supply, ruined crops, food shortage, food extinction [1]
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As if worrying about rising [2] sea levels [2] isn’t enough, the evils of climate change are also affecting our food supply. A mix of increased temperatures, changes in rain, and bacterial and fungi outbreaks have hit American farmers hard, causing harvests to fall behind schedule or find complete ruin. With dramatic shifts in weather becoming increasingly common, a number of foods we’re used to eating could be in danger of extinction [3].

green design, eco design, sustainable design, climate change, world food supply, ruined crops, food shortage, food extinction [4]

Image ©Parker Knight

Droughts, tropical storms, increased temperatures, and a rising world population are only a few factors putting our food supply at risk. The ratio of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere [5] also has staggering effects, encouraging crop-damaging pathogens to flourish in increasingly warn and moist air.

Thus far, bacterial pathogens in Florida have turned citrus fruit bitter, while fungi strains have already hit coffee and banana fields—just as an all-time high ratio of carbon dioxide was recorded in Hawaii last week. Droughts in the plain states have caused a chain reaction that has affected the hay fed to cattle, driving the prices of beef to its highest since 2003. Moreover, abundant rain has set the planting of corn crops [6] way behind, with only 28 percent sowed as opposed to 85 percent last year. And on top of environmental stress, crops are also being affected by genetic engineering [7] which can make them more susceptible to diseases. Common food and drink already in danger include corn, coffee, maple syrup, and wine.

Hopefully, increasing supermarket costs will force consumers to open their eyes and lobby for changes in policy the world over.

Via NBC News [8]

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