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DARPA Reveals Plans for Avatar-Like Flying, Electric Transformer Car

Posted By Sarah Parsons On April 15, 2010 @ 9:02 am In Architecture,automotive,global development,Green Technology,Green Transportation,Innovation,News,Policy | 1 Comment

Transformer TX, DARPA, flying car, hybrid electric, electric vehicle, flying car for the military, Tranformers, Optimus Prime [1]

Photo credit: Popular Science [2]

We are totally nerd-ing out right now over a new DARPA project [2]. The Department of Defense’s research branch wants to merge the best elements of a plane, electric vehicle [3] and Optimus Prime to create a flying car for the military [2]. If researchers are successful, the world could see an airborne prototype of the seriously souped-up (and green!) flying car by 2015.

Transformer TX, DARPA, flying car, hybrid electric, electric vehicle, flying electric vehicle, flying car for the military, Tranformers, Optimus Prime [4]

One of the coolest parts about the vehicle built under the Transformer TX program is that it employs green elements. Designers want the flying car [2] to be able to travel 250 miles before it needs to rely on gas. To that end, researchers will likely incorporate a hybrid-electric drive engine, adaptive wing structures or ducted tilt-rotor fans.

Because it would be used by the military, scientists want the vehicle to handle like a rugged, off-road SUV while on the ground but navigate like a sleek, single-engine aircraft when it cruises up to 10,000 feet. In its current design, the flying car [2]would be able to hold four, fully-equipped troops or a stretcher and one medic. The car would also be able to carry out unmanned operations [5].

DARPA [6]‘s flying car is still in its very early stages of design, so we’ll have to wait a few years to see if the agency’s lofty goals are realized. With a $43 million budget, we’re sure the vehicle [2]will be as innovative as possible.

Via Popular Science [2]

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