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Ditto Ecological Hangers Save Landfill Space

Posted By Piper Kujac On May 26, 2009 @ 5:00 pm In Green Products,Innovation,San Francisco | 1 Comment

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One of the debut brands at last week’s Greener by Design Conference [2] in San Francisco was a company called Ditto Hangers [3], co-founded by industrial designer Gary Barker [4], also co-founder of Greenheart Global, Inc. [5] It may seem trite to focus a brand on something as rudimentary as the everyday hanger, but that’s precisely why this kind of ‘re-thinking design’ is so pertinent. An estimated 8 billion polystyrene and polycarbonate hangers clog our landfills every year, and as Gary Barker points out, that’s enough to fill the Empire State Building [6] 4.6 times!

sustainable design, eco hangers, ditto hangers, green design, products, cardboard hangers, sustainable materials, recyclable materials

Long story short the manufacturing trend of producing ‘floor ready garments’ counter-intuitively produces piles (and piles) of hangers in dumpsters on a daily basis, as clothing arrives at retailers on the cheapest plastic hangers made, and there’s no use for them within the store after purchase. Gary makes the case for a recycled and recyclable hanger incredibly well in his How Many Hangers Does it Take to Fill a Landfill? [7] article.

Lest repeating the entire thing, one can find his article as well as many a scary fact on disposable plastic things on the Ditto Hanger [8] site. You can also learn all about why nearly all of us walk around bioaccumulating Benzene and Bisphenol-A, two popular chemicals used in polystyrene plastics. The problem with ‘disposable’ plastics and even most recyclable, biodegradable [9], and compostable plastics, is that they never really go away – such as are the laws of thermodynamics: that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed and that they tend to disperse.

The Ditto 10-pack [10], available at www.Amazon.com, comes in a 100% recycled and highly compressed paperboard [11] option as well as a 100% recyclable PET plastic [12] option. Both are available in a range of colors and have a client branding option, for custom advertising on the hanger itself. These are an excellent replacement to the much-disliked metal and equally bad disposable plastic hangers.

+ Ditto Hangers [13]

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