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DIY: How to Make a Last Minute Salvador Dali Lobster Telephone Costume in Just 30 Minutes!

Posted By Lori Zimmer On October 31, 2011 @ 10:45 am In DIY,Features,Green Halloween,Innovation,News,Recycled Materials | 4 Comments

DIY, Lobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, Halloween [1]


–       Old black dress or shirt

–       One yard red felt

–       White and black felt or material

–       Black marker

–       Hot glue gun

–       Optional sequins (one yard red) or glitter


Stop at your local fabric store on your lunch break and pick up some remnant felt [2]. You’ll need about a yard of red, and enough black to make the phone dial (12 inches to 16 inches diameter), and just a scrap of white. Felt is fairly cheap, so this should cost you around $5.

DIY, Lobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, Halloween [3]


Trace a circle onto the black felt and cut it out. Then cut ten white circles for the numbers, one for the middle, and a curved piece for the catch. Hot glue everything into place for the dial. If you’re feeling sparkly, line the edge of the black circle with glitter. With the marker, make the numbers – in case you’ve forgotten what a rotary phone looks like, the numbers start with “0” on the lower right, and continue to “9” clockwise.


An old black dress is ideal for this costume, as the A-line shape emulates the bottom of the rotary phone, but a black shirt can work as well. After the dial has dried (about 5 minutes) glue it to the tummy of the dress with the hot glue. Make sure you aren’t wearing it when you hot glue it!

DIY, Lobster Telephone, Salvador Dali, Halloween [4]


If you are a terrible artist, don’t worry- there are a few tricks to make your lobster look good. The length of the lobster needs to be about six inches wider than your shoulders. Fold the red felt over (you’ll need to double the lobster on the back) and trace a general shape of the lobster.  Cut it out (both layers) and now you’re ready to make it look like a lobster.


Using the marker, trace the edges of the lobster [5] and add details. You can also glue sequins around the edge to jazz it up. Draw in an eye and shell details. Now the part that makes it look even better – the legs and feelers. Cut out four curved legs and two pieces for feelers, then line the edges with the marker. Glue them into place. This slight 3-D effect will make the lobster complete. Repeat on the other side.


Leaving a hole for your head, glue the lobster front and back together at your shoulders. After putting on the dress, slip the lobster over your head like a capelet. Curtsey to make the dress full, and voila! You’re a surrealist masterpiece [6] for Halloween!

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