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PLEASE HELP: Desperate Lower Manhattan Struggles For Water, Food, Communication

Posted By Jill Fehrenbacher On November 3, 2012 @ 9:13 am In Features,Human Relief Efforts,New York City,social responsibility | No Comments

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Many people in Lower Manhattan live in tall high-rise buildings, and without access to power elevators stop working, refrigerators stop working and food spoils, water stops pumping, and it is extremely difficult for elderly and sick people to get out of their apartments [10] and get the basic necessities they need. No businesses are open and transportation is barely working in Lower Manhattan, meaning it is impossible to get anywhere to purchase food or supplies. And of course cell phones aren’t working (cell towers are dead) as well – so people in lower manhattan are effectively cut off from the rest of the city and the rest of the world.

In your attention to politics and trying to move on from Sandy [11], please do not forget about these people who are still stranded in Lower Manhattan. Many senior citizens are stuck in high-rise buildings unable to get out. Volunteers [12] are needed to go apartment to apartment searching for stranded people, and donations of food and water and a place to stay are also needed.

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Even if you’re not in New York City, you can help lower Manhattan by donating to the following organizations:

The Lower East Side Recovers [14] is a site that allows people to request and offer assistance post Hurricane Sandy – whether its be a donation or a pledge to volunteer.

The American Red Cross [15] is currently accepting donations for Hurricane Sandy disaster relief.

Architecture for Humanity [16] has launched a Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction campaign.

Feeding America [17] is currently mobilizing to provide emergency food and water supplies to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The Educational Alliance [18] is accepting emergency donations to help provide relief for Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

+ Hurricane Sandy Coverage on Inhabitat [4]

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