EADS Seaweed-Powered Zero Emission ZEHST Plane Could Travel from London to New York in an Hour

by , 06/20/11

EADS ZEHST rocket plane, Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation plane, rocket plane, zero emission plane, 3,000 mph plane, hydrogen plane, green transportation, alternative transportation, green aviation

Before the official opening of the Paris Air Show, Airbus parent company EADS revealed what it has in the works to be the successor to the Concorde jet: the Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation plane, which could reach 3,125 miles per hour or 4 times the speed of sound (Mach 4) while producing only water. The hydrogen- and oxygen-powered ZEHST plane runs on seaweed and will carry 100 passengers from London to New York in only 1 hour.

EADS ZEHST rocket plane, Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation plane, rocket plane, zero emission plane, 3,000 mph plane, hydrogen plane, green transportation, alternative transportation, green aviation

The ZEHST plane will use jet engines to get itself off the ground, after which it will engage rocket engines to get up to speeds that actually take it above the atmosphere. Then, engines called ramjets will be used, which are currently used in missiles for speeds of over 1,000 mph but can’t be used from a standing start. These will take the plane to altitudes of 20 miles (the average passenger jet cruises at 6 miles). The hitch? This plane will take 40 years to build. While the technology to create the ZEHST plane is already available, the cost of creating a completely new kind of aircraft is in the billions, and a plane that only carries 100 passengers will have a hard time repaying that debt.


Via Daily Mail

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  1. d.w.major July 3, 2011 at 1:58 am


    Actually you are wrong so let me explain.
    First is that the maximum speed on which the Scramjet is tested and verified is Mach 10.
    But to achieve this speed you need to consider acceleration time and deceleration time.
    So speed is directly depending on distance i.e. Linear acceleration and linear travel.
    The operational speed will not exceed say mach 3 I suppose because you have then a maximum travel time of 30 min between each station.
    Mach 10 is only proposed for a direct journey from paris to hong kong Moscow to bejing.
    Also the vacuum that is created which is responsible for the sonic boom is filled by the exhaust gases.


    And I know that there is too much information on my site and it needs restructuring and redesigning.
    I am working on this.

    But whatever a plane can do my technology can and can do much much better and cheaper.

    Further more there are materials such as fireproof glass, ceramics alloys carbon fiber and technologies such as in frame cooling and heat exchange which will be used witht his technology.

    And if there is a need for new materials or any additional technology be assured that I will Invent it!

    I hope that answers your questions.

    D.W. Major
    Zero Emission Transportation Ltd.


  2. archidude June 28, 2011 at 12:12 am

    @ D.W. Major: Ok, perhaps I misread the info on your site but are you seriously proposing to deploy turbo and SCRAM jets at ground level unprotected and run this train up to Mach 10? You are aware of the heating issues experienced at those speeds even dozens of Km in the air I assume, so what sort of material will this vehicle be made of and how long can it be run between overhauls? How about the shock wave and sonic boom created? I’m aware you attempted to answer these questions on your site but the answers did not make much sense and the way I read them at least led me to believe they were not entirely based in physical reality.

    Just in case anyone does follow your link I think they should be made aware that this is not a practical concept given current or even near term technology.

  3. D.W.Major June 23, 2011 at 10:39 am

    EADS vs Airstream Train

    Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation is possible only using the technology described on this website:


    EADS has proposed a speed of Mach 4. By definition, that speed is not hypersonic but supersonic. Hypersonic speeds start from Mach 5.
    Furthermore, the concept of a Hypersonic Passenger plane is unworkable.
    Supersonic passenger flight, in the form of the Concorde and Tupolev TU-144, proved to be a failure for sound reasons.

    There are three main problems with supersonic and hypersonic Flight.

    • The friction and heat on the wings at such speeds are problems that have not been solved. This unsolved problem brought both the Concorde and TU-144 down.
    • There is the unsolved problem of navigation at hypersonic speeds.
    • The space requirements of the runways necessary for launching and landing such an aircraft are prohibitive.

    In contrast:
    • The Airstream Train has no wings.
    • The Track is the navigational component.
    • It runs from city center to city center.

    One Airbus A380 buys 100 Airstream Trains.

    The Airstream Train is the only Zero Emission Transportation System in the world.
    why does EADS waste Taxpayers money — and yes it is YOUR money that
    EADS wastes — on such an unsustainable, overpriced, unreal concept?
    Because Airbus wants to sell more of their aircraft. They have to
    make it look as though their technology has a sustainable future. So
    it is in their interest to claim the invention of what is really not
    their technology: hypersonic transportation.
    fact NASA and EADS have spent many many hours on my website and copied
    it so that they can study technology that they don’t understand but
    would like you to believe they do.

    D.W. Major
    Zero Emission Transportation Ltd.


  4. TyMoore June 23, 2011 at 9:50 am

    …Not to mention the NOX emissions. Hypersonic hydrogen burning engines burning at high altitude are going to produce a devil’s amount of nitrogen oxides. They could do a rich/lean two stage burn to keep combustion temperatures on either side of the ‘camel’s hump’ for peak NOX production conditions…but still, it’s not as clean as a subsonic blended body powered by turbofans…

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