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European Scientists Finally Ready to Launch Ice Measuring Satellite

Posted By Brit Liggett On April 8, 2010 @ 10:00 am In Environment,global warming,green gadgets,Innovation | No Comments

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A team of European scientists are finally ready to launch Cryosat-2, a satellite [2] that once in orbit [3] will measure the extent and thickness of the ice at the Earth’s poles [4] in unprecedented detail. The satellite’s older sibling was launched in 2005 and crashed before making it into orbit. The team — part of the European Space Agency [5] — has high hopes for round two. If successful the data returned could be essential in measuring the effect of climate change [6] on our ice caps.

The satellite [7] was engineered mostly by a team of scientists from the UK and built mostly by France [8] and Germany. It will launch with the help of a ballistic missile from Kazakhstan. Once in the air it will begin measuring the ice on the Earth’s poles with its high intensity radar. Unlike previous satellites Cryosat-2 is outfitted with two radar antennas — older satellites only have one — that are set one meter apart. The two antennas will allow scientists to take more accurate measurements of ice thickness [9].

Previously scientists have been able to correctly measure the extent of the ice [10] at the poles and the amount of land it covers. However, measuring the thickness of the ice is a different issue. Not knowing the thickness of ice sheets [11] can lead to huge understatements [12] — or overstatements — of how much ice really exists. As we all know, a lot of glaciers are located under water. The accurate measurements that Cryosat-2 will return to the ESA will be used to predict how quickly the ice is melting and what possible currents and rising waters [13] can be expected as a result.

Via The BBC [14]

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