NYC's High Line Park So Popular That Creators Plan a High-Speed Tram to Quickly Move Pedestrians

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Because of growing crowds flocking to NYC’s High Line Park, which are anticipated to double when the final section is complete, the architects and engineers have decided to add a people-mover style tram. The tram will keep the pedestrian traffic moving, getting people from one side of the High Line to the other more quickly. The original rails will, of course, be left intact and the high-speed, levitating train line will be built alongside. Click ahead to learn more about the new, innovative addiction!




10 Reasons to Quit Coffee and Drink LSD

by , 03/31/14

Dandelion Coffee, Fairtrade, Environmental Eating, Organic Food, Vegan Lifestyle, Latte Soya Dandelion, LSD

Sydney and Melbourne are home to some of the greatest coffee shops and biggest coffee snobs in the world. Coffee is a cult in Australia, but as with any addiction, there are side effects. Perhaps that explains the rise in popularity in the coffee alternative ‘LSD’ amongst Australians. But what is LSD and would you swap your daily coffee for it?  Read on to find out more.

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Spring Cleaning: 6 Green Tips to Organize and Simplify Your Home

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How to Find the Right Window Treatments to Save Energy and Money

How To Save Money & Energy With The Right Window Treatments For Your Home, green window treatments, eco-friendly window treatments, decorview, hunter douglas, cellular shades, modern blinds, modern shutters, modern window treatments" title="How To Save Money & Energy With The Right Window Treatments For Your Home. window treatments, windows, window designs, shades, cellular shades, honeycomb shades, decorview, improving window efficiency, shutters, Hunter Douglas designer roller shades

The last time you may have given thought to window treatments might have been when you noticed your neighbor peering into your living room window while you were eating breakfast in your undies. But in addition to providing privacy, window treatments are important for a number of reasons – they can help you sleep better, keep your house cool and comfortable, and save you energy. Did you know that the right window treatments can help you save a significant amount of money on your electricity bill each month? By carefully investing in the right window treatments for your particular environment and location, you can help prevent your house’s indoor warmth from escaping in the winter (cutting down on winter heating), and keep your house cool in the summer (cutting down on air conditioning). You can also dramatically reduce the need for electric lighting during the day by being smart about your window design. Read on to learn how to choose the best possible window treatments for your particular windows, and save money and your sanity in the process!

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9 Fun Things You Can Do During Earth Hour 2014!

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10 Incredible Designs by 2014 Pritzker Prize Laureate Shigeru Ban

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WIN Free Tickets to Green Festival NYC!

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Attention New Yorkers! The country’s largest eco-event is coming to town next month, and you’re invited. We’re giving away 100 FREE tickets to Green Festival NYC, a showcase of over 300 sustainable brands, and it’s easy to enter. Just follow the instructions at this link!



3 Houseplants to Help You Feng Shui Your Home

 feng shui, feng shui plants, best feng shui plants, how to feng shui your home, feng shui 101, diy feng shui, feng shui for spring

Hurrah! Spring is here! In feng shui philosophy, the spring season symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and expansion—like when the trees start to grow back their leaves. We use plants, the colors green and blue, as well as columnar and expansive shapes in feng shui to symbolize this type of energy. But in addition to making indoor spaces more attractive, did you know that houseplants also improve indoor air quality? Many houseplants remove harmful pollutants from the air that off gas from synthetic materials found in our buildings, furniture, and even clothing. These toxins can lead to poor health and low productivity. Adding plants to a space can also help create a softer and more vibrant energy, and they can heal us visually and physically—their natural green tones are relaxing and therapeutic. Now that the new season has sprung, infuse some positive energy into your home and adopt a houseplant this spring. Below are the three houseplants commonly used in feng shui adjustments.

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6 Eco-Friendly DIY Homes Built for $20K or Less!

by , 03/18/14

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Spruce Supermarket: 4 Tasty Treats You Can Make with Spruce Tree Tips

Spruce, spruce recipes, spruce tips, spruce tree

When you go for a walk in the woods, do you glance around and consider which trees around you may have edible parts? Sure, you might identify maple trees as the source of the wonderful syrup that’s great on waffles and such, and there may also be nut-bearing trees in your area, but the average person wouldn’t look at an evergreen tree and think it looked delicious. Well, guess what? Those soft, delicate green tips that appear on spruce branches every spring aren’t just “edible”, they’re quite tasty, and can be used in several different ways!

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"A Liter of Light" Aims to Illuminate 1 Million Homes With Plastic Solar Bottle Bulbs

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Artist Kathy Klein Creates Amazing Mandalas with Flowers and Seeds

by , 03/11/14

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can Leaf-Cutter Ants Teach Us About Farming?

sustainable agriculture, biomimicry, green fertilizer, leaf-cutter ants, pesticide resistance, pesticides, prairie, the land institute, Urban Farming, vertical farming

About twelve thousand years ago, humans hit on a bright idea. Why not grow food in our backyards instead of having to go look for it every time our tummies grumble? It was a masterful stroke of conscious evolution, but hardly a new one. Leaf-cutter ants tapped into sustainable agriculture some 50 million years before us. These busy little beasts spend their days harvesting leaves and trucking them, one-by-one, down, in the ground, to get out, of the rain. Boom boom. But instead of eating the leaves, leaf-cutters masticate them into a thick fluffy paste, spit it into their special growrooms, and fertilize it with their own feces. Before long, the domesticated fungus they adore sprouts forth. These hard-working farmers even evolved fungicides to keep marauding non-edible mushrooms out. Humans farms are pretty fantastic too. Somehow, we manage to feed the vast bloom of global humanity (more or less). But our agricultural techniques require endless inputs: water from far away, petroleum-intensive fertilizers and pesticides that accumulate in our water, soil, and bodies. Meanwhile, the endless rows of identical corn and wheat are dangerously vulnerable to climate change, and glaringly obvious to insects that want to eat them. What can we learn from nature about sustainable farming? Find out in today’s entry of The Biomimicry Manual!

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can the Platypus Teach Us About Collision-Avoidance?

biomimicry, platypus, collision-avoidance, prosthetic finger, prosthetic hand, monotreme, electrolocation

The platypus is a funny little mammal found in Eastern Australia and Tasmania. Aside from echidnas (the also-very-weird Australian spiny anteaters) they are the only living mammals that lay eggs. This bizarro egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-toed, crocodile-bodied assemblage completely bamboozled European naturalists when they stumbled on it back in 1798. It just had to be an elaborate fraud concocted by Chinese taxidermists (who had a reputation for sewing random bits together into mythical beasts). The serious European museum folk spent countless hours digging around with scissors looking for the stitches. In reality, he is the last living descendant of an ancient proto-mammalian reptile. Or a post-reptilian mammal. It’s not always clear, but this funny little nocturnal predator has some crazy-cool strategies that are apparently still working just fine. For instance, he has the baffling habit of folding up his eyes, ears, and nostrils within his skin when he dives. So, how does he find the wiggly little crunchy creatures he likes best down there? How the heck does he know where he’s going? The answer turns out to be truly marvelous, an exquisite combination of braille and electrolocation. Could we emulate the genius of the platypus? Find out more in today’s entry of The Biomimicry Manual !

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Grow Up! How to Design Vertical Gardens for Tiny Spaces

Vertical garden, urban gardening, vertical gardening, climbing plants, climbing food plants, edible climbers, vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, squash, gourds, cucumbers, beans, peas, herbs, hanging herbs, vegetable gardening, growing food, pole beans, climbing beans, DIY garden, pallet, pallet garden, bottle planter, lettuce, hanging garden, small space gardening

If you’re one of the many people in the northern hemisphere who are counting down the days ’til springtime, chances are you may have also been daydreaming about gardening as well. March isn’t just one of the coldest months of the year—it’s also the month in which seed catalogs are sent out to green-thumbed folks everywhere, so plans can be made and plots can be mapped out in preparation for the luscious growing season ahead. If you happen to be lacking in yard space, there’s no need to feel left out! There are some brilliant ways to take full advantage of small spaces, and the key is to plant vertically.

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Green Planet Architects' New Platform Connects Eco-Minded Architects and Builders Across the Globe

Green Planet Architects' New Platform Connects Eco-Minded Architects…

With climate change and environmental destruction threatening our planet, building green has never been more important. Many architects and builders are generally interested in…

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Abandoned German Nuclear Plant Transformed Into Wunderland Kalkar Amusement Park!

Abandoned German Nuclear Plant Transformed Into Wunderland Kalkar…

Wunderland Kalkar hosts a range of activities and play areas for the whole family - from high-flying swings to merry-go-rounds, and a carousel. The repurposed site has worked wonders…

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PHOTOS: We Turn a Regular Citi Bike into an Electric Bike with the New ShareRoller

PHOTOS: We Turn a Regular Citi Bike into an Electric Bike with the New…

The ShareRoller is the world's first portable motor designed specifically for transforming Citi Bikes into electric bikes. The compact, 6-7 lb. device will be available for pre-order…

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