Mark Jupiter Wins the Inhabitat BKLYN Designs Editors' Choice Award!

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This year’s BKLYN Designs showcase of Brooklyn-based furniture makers featured so many talented designers that it was really difficult to pick one that stood out from the pack. But after much deliberation, we Inhabitat editors kept coming back to one out-of-this-world name – Mark Jupiter. Please give Mark a warm round of applause for winning this year’s Inhabitat BKLYN Designs Editors’ Choice Award and read on to learn more about his custom, Brooklyn-made furniture built using historic, reclaimed materials.

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Phil Gautreau's Spectacular Salvaged Wood Bowls Win the 2014 BKLYN Designs Reader's Choice Award!

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Brooklyn’s design scene is thoroughly clad with locally sourced and salvaged wood – but no one does it better than Phil Gautreau. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Phil is the winner of our 2014 BKLYN Design Reader’s Choice Award! His beautiful hand-turned bowls and cutting boards are made of chunks of wood salvaged from storm-felled trunks and trees thinned from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, among other sources. Phil crafts each bowl by carefully carving away at layers of wood, revealing the unique character of each piece as he goes – check out a small sample of his work in the gallery below (and don’t miss his in-progress photos here). We’d like to wish a big congrats to Phil and all of our BKLYN Designs Award finalists – check them out here!

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6 Great Green Designs that Put South Africa on the Map

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Vote for Your Favorite Design To Win the Inhabitat BKLYN Designs Awards!

Vote For Your Favorite Design, Inhabitat BKLYN Green Designs Award, BKLYN Designs AWard, Green Design Award

BKLYN Designs – the annual Brooklyn-themed furniture show – kicked off New York Design Week last week with a blast, showcasing the BK’s hottest “locally grown and internationally known” designs at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO. Team Inhabitat hit the show floor to find our favorite green designs from the show and we’ve selected 16 extraordinary finalists for our 2014 BKLYN Designs Awards. From some incredible reclaimed wood furniture to dazzling lamps and a living glass wall, check out all of the finalists here and vote for the one you like best to decide the winner!


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26 Inspiring Green Home Furnishings From BKLYN Designs 2014

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Vegan Almond Feta Cheese: Amazing Both Raw and Baked

We’ve already touched upon the sublime deliciousness that is vegan cashew cheese, but why stop there?! So many vegan “cheeses” are stunningly delicious, and this incredible recipe come from my friend Jessica Moore (aka Jessicat); a personal vegan chef based in Montreal. It’s as gorgeous raw as it is baked, and can be used in as many different ways as you can imagine. My favorite way to use it is as a garnish for a salad of chopped parsley, green apples, and walnuts (drizzled liberally with olive oil), but the baked version is absolutely divine when scooped up on crackers while it’s all warm and soft.

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Celebrate Mother's Day (and Mama Earth) with Eco-Friendly Greeting Cards

According to Hallmark, over 160 million greeting cards are given each Mother’s Day, making it the third largest card-sending holiday on the planet. That equals a lot of paper, and you can bet that a fair bit of it isn’t recycled. This year, it might be nice to be a bit gentler to Mother Earth as we make decisions about the cards we’ll be giving our moms, step-moms, grandmothers, and guardians. Read on to discover a few eco-friendly options for this year’s Mother’s Day greeting cards and notes.

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Guerilla Gardening: Strategies for Greening Up Your Neighborhood

Regardless of whether you are an urban, suburban, or rural dweller, there is inevitably a patch of neglected turf in your neighborhood that might need a bit of TLC to green it up. If you see hidden gardening potential between sidewalk cracks when others see decay and abandon, well then, you might be a budding guerrilla gardener and not even know it! The guerrila gardening phenomenon is sweeping the globe as folks are finding innovative ways to come together for the optimization of neglected land and paved surface area. It’s a turf war for some, a poetic gesture for others, but either way, citizens are rolling up their sleeves to create gardens in the most unlikely spaces.

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TEST DRIVE: The Compressed Natural Gas F-150 is a Heavy Duty Hybrid

How does it work? You gas up via separate tanks. The gas tank and cap are where you would find them on a traditional gas vehicle, but instead that steel case in the front of the pickup bed where the tools normally go, there is a separate contained compressed natural gas tank, which has its own cap for filling. Inside the CNG F150 you have two separate gauges for fuel levels, so you can keep an eye on both fuel tanks. That’s it—No more to think about. The truck works out the rest for you.

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can Paper Wasps Teach Us About 3D Printing?

Paper wasps, wasps, paper, 3D printing

3D printing is the coolest thing since sliced bread, but what should we print with? This could go horribly wrong if we don’t take the opportunity to stop and ask how the rest of nature would do it. Maybe our society friends the paper wasps have an opinion: let’s check in with them in today’s entry of The Biomimicry Manual.

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can Sloths Teach Us About Energy Efficiency?

biomimicry, energy efficiency, sloths, sloth in a bucket, symbiosis, sloth moth, design by nature, inspiration from nature, bio-inspiration, design inspiration, the biomimicry manual, biomimicry

It’s a scientific fact that there’s nothing cuter than a baby sloth in a bucket. But even if Facebook ‘likes’ turn out not to correlate with biological fitness, sloths are a runaway success by any measure. Well, maybe not so much ‘runaway.’ But it’s certainly true they’re not going anywhere. Sloths have an outstanding survival strategy, as their unexpectedly high density in South and Central American tropical forests attests. In some areas, sloths consume half the energy and make up two-thirds of mammalian biomass. That’s a lot of sloths. But it’s hard to see them because they hardly move—their leafy diets just don’t provide enough energy for them to monkey around. How do they succeed on such meager rations? Simple. They are consummate energy misers. Can humans learn something about conserving energy from the sloth? Read today’s entry of The Biomimicry Manual to find out!

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can the Aye-Aye Teach Us About Echolocation?

biomimicry, The Biomimicry Manual, aye-aye, lemur, Madagaqscar, echolocation, bioinspired design, swis army knife, yoda, gollum, Dobby

You know bats and dolphins ‘echolocate’ to find their prey, sending out blips of squeaky SONAR-like sound waves that bounce off fish or moths in the dark. And people do it, too, using expensive equipment. But how about a monkey? The aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is certainly no ordinary monkey. In fact, its not a monkey at all, but a highly specialized lemur from the island of Madagascar.

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The Iconic Eames Shell Chair is Now Available in New Recyclable Fiberglass!

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In a furniture lineup, few chairs are be as recognizable as the Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair. This design, by everyone’s favorite Modernist design duo Charles and Ray Eames, has become one of the most exalted works of mid-century modernism, sought after by design enthusiasts everywhere. First released in 1950 by Herman Miller, the Eames chair shell was originally manufactured in fiberglass but the material was eventually abandoned in the 1990s due to concerns associated with fiberglass being, in Ray Eames’ words, “detrimental to the environment”. Though the chair has continued to be produced in 100% recyclable polypropylene, collectors’ love for the original fiberglass iteration has stayed strong throughout the decades, prompting Herman Miller to see if they could come up with a more sustainable version of the original fiberglass shell. Now, nearly a quarter century later, this most iconic of chairs is returning to its original material roots, thanks to more environmentally-friendly developments in manufacturing technology. Herman Miller has just released its brand new Eames Molded Fiberglass Shell Chair in eight eye-catching vintage colors, fully configurable to suit personal tastes. Keep reading to learn the history behind this famed chair, how Herman Miller is keeping with the Eames’ eco-conscious vision, and where to purchase one of these newly minted icons!

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TEST DRIVE: The Surprisingly Wonderful 40 MPG Nissan Versa Note

The Versa handled the back roads smoothly, and what struck us most was how well-made the little car felt. The steering wheel has the feel of a much more expensive car, and the vehicle comes with navigation, push start button, and all-around exterior vehicle camera to help you see what’s happening on all sides while parking. Perhaps our favorite little add-on was the seat extender for short or long legs in the driver’s seat, which makes the Versa workable for a variety of people; something that can be a tall order for some small cars with limited seating positions.

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DIY: Homemade Insect Repellent Sprays and Lotions

‘Tis the season for camping trips and beach parties, barbecues and patio drinks, and you can bet that insects of all shapes and sizes are rubbing their little feet (forelegs?) together in glee at the smorgasbord they’ll get to sample over the next few months. Depending on where you’re located, you may have the dubious honor of being gnawed upon by mosquitoes, deer flies, no-see-ums, or other flying bite-y things. Since walking around draped in netting isn’t at the top of anyone’s summer “to-do” list, the best bet to avoid becoming a walking buffet is insect repellent. Jump ahead for a few homemade repellent recipes.

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can the Octopus Teach Us About Touch Screens, Wallpaper, and Invisibility Cloaks?

The Biomimicry Manual: What Can the Octopus Teach Us About Touch…

Cephalopods are the undisputed masters of camouflage. While their relatives, the clams, stayed brainless and safe on the seabeds-of-old, the ancient nautilus (think squid-in-a-shell)…

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How to Eat Your Lawn: Transform Your Wasteful Grassy Space into a Food Forest Garden

How to Eat Your Lawn: Transform Your Wasteful Grassy Space into a Food…

Who ever imagined that lawns would go from epitomizing the American dream to embodying all manner of evil? Blaming both human and natural failings, many homeowners have embraced the…

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DIY: Vegan Cashew Cheese with Cranberries and Walnuts

DIY: Vegan Cashew Cheese with Cranberries and Walnuts

Although more and more people are being raised with a wholly vegan diet from day one, there are also many who choose to pursue a plant-based diet after having been omnivorous for…

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