11 Buy-Nothing Gifts of Time

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Giving someone a great gift they’ll really treasure doesn’t mean dropping a ton of cash. Sometimes the best gift you can give a friend or loved one is something much less tangible: your time. This year skip the store-bought gifts and give your loved ones a little bit of your time instead. We’ve come up with 11 lovely ideas that are sure to yield plenty of love and memories this holiday season. From cooking them their favorite meal to hosting a movie night featuring all of their favorite flicks, read on for our favorite gifts of time.




14 Affordable and Green Gifts Under $20

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Green products have a reputation for being expensive, but we have proof that this isn’t always the case. Giving your friends and loved ones eco-friendly gifts doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, as evidenced by our Gifts Under $20 Guide. From hanging planters to DIY mason jar lamp kits to recycled wine bottle platters, check out all of our wallet-friendly picks here.



Six Delicious Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

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200+ Inspiring, Ethical and Eco-Friendly Gifts in Inhabitat's 2014 Green Gift Guide

Green Gift Guide on Make A Gif

Have you heard that green is the new black? If you don’t particularly feel like having your feet run over numerous times by rabid shopping cart-pushers today, why not skip the Black Friday madness and peruse eco-friendly gifts from the comfort of your own computer screen? Inhabitat’s 2014 Green Gift Guide is full of unique, useful and eco-conscious presents for everyone on your list, from the gals to the guys, the big kids to the wee ones, the green thumbs to the gadget geeks, and everyone in between. We’ve also got affordable offerings under $20 and under $50, and for those who choose to avoid consumerism altogether, we’ve got clever DIY tutorials for goodies you can make yourself and buy-nothing gifts of time. So get comfy, down some coffee, and get a head start on your holiday shopping here.


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DIY: 6 Delicious Herbal Teas You Can Make This Winter

by , 11/27/14
filed under: DIY, Features, How To


As the cold weather settles in, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea to take winter’s edge off. Rather than raiding your grocery store for pre-packaged flavors, why not try your hand at these easy DIY herbal tea recipes? Homemade tea is easy, fun, and affordable, and also makes for a great gift for your loved ones. Tuck into a steamy cup and enjoy the benefits of these warm herbal infusions.

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Banish Dry Skin: Here are 7 All-Natural Body Scrubs That You Can Make Yourself!

by , 11/27/14
filed under: DIY, Features

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6 Ways for You to Give Back This Thanksgiving and Beyond


Thanksgiving is a time of plenty, and of appreciation. It’s a holiday in which we’ll get together with friends and family to celebrate the bounty of the autumn harvest, to share food and drink, and spend time with people we love. Those of us whose celebrations will consist of ample food and a warm place in which to eat it are among the very privileged; there are millions who won’t be so fortunate, unless we reach out and offer a helping hand. This year, please consider helping others in need via one of the methods mentioned below.

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Make Your Own Thanksgiving Turkey Using Fruit and Vegetables

Vegetarian Thanksgiving, thanksgiving vegetables, vegetarian turkey, vegetable turkey, DIY turkey, turkey recipes, turkey ideas, fruit turkey, fruit and vegetable turkey, make your own turkey, inhabitots, inhabitots turkey, thanksgiving turkey
Vegetarians (and vegetable lovers) don’t need to be left out of the Thanksgiving festivities. Create your own colorful vegetable turkey and join in on the feast. The raw vegetable design uses seasonal fruits and vegetables to create an adorable little gobbler that everyone will want to dig right into.



6 Vegan and Vegetarian Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving

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DIY Gift Idea: 7 Herbed Salts and Sugars for Cooking and Baking

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DIY: All-Natural Creams and Salves for Cold-Battered Hands

by , 11/25/14
filed under: DIY, Features, How To

skin cream, hand cream, hand salve, salve, cream, DIY, calendula, wintergreen, cinnamon, arnica, cayenne, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, vegan, essential oils

I know that most people aren’t quite ready to say the “w” word just yet, but that season of sleet and snow will be upon many of us in a few short weeks, and it’s better to be prepared in advance, right? Just as we try to ensure that our faces, lips, and eyes are protected from harsh weather, it’s important to pay attention to our hands as well: dry, cracked, aching paws aren’t fun to deal with, especially if you spend your day typing or doing any fine-detail work. Here are a few DIY creams and salves that you can create at home:

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DIY GIFT IDEA: Flavored Cooking Oils In Beautiful Bottles

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The Biomimicry Manual: What Can Super-Organisms Teach Us About Collaboration?



When I think of monkeys, I don’t think of them living in the desert, namely because primates love trees, water, big juicy leaves, and fruit. In fact, only two primates have even bothered to go there, and the Hamadryas baboon is the first. With a magnificent white mane, scarlet face, and bizarrely complex social system, he was a sacred muse of the ancient Egyptians; in the afterlife, it fell upon his regal mantle to devour the souls of the dead that were deemed “unrighteous”—serious stuff! The other primate is us. Both are supreme collaborators, and wherever resources are scarce and unpredictable, the most successful creatures are those who work as a team. That type of collaboration is the skill that we’re going to explore in today’s entry of The Biomimicry Manual!

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10 Warming Vegan Drinks for Autumn and Winter

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Although winter isn’t officially here yet, the biting winds and snowfall are inspiring many of us to order hot lattes, apple cider, and cocoa instead of frozen drinks at our favorite cafes. All over the northern hemisphere, folks are wrapping chilled fingers around warm mugs to sip at the deliciousness therein. Whether you’re aiming to be more budget-friendly or would just rather make your own drinks at home, you can whip up some fabulous, delicious vegan sip-ables with just a few ingredients, a saucepan, and a stove top.

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Beyond Extreme Energy: Protesting at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in DC


It’s cold outside. I forgot my gloves and now it’s time to go. The arrestees practice outside the church, locking themselves into their lockboxes, as I pretend a nearby flowering plant is a security guard. I’m the distraction and I need to give them at least 30 seconds or it won’t work. After practicing the scenario, we get into our cars and head to the parking garage to try it for real. We’re about to join a huge protest, and things could get intense.

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DIY: A Cordial Event – How to Make Your Own Flavored Liqueurs at Home

DIY: A Cordial Event – How to Make Your Own Flavored Liqueurs at…

'Tis the season for celebration, and luscious libations will be popping on on everyone's tables from Thanksgiving 'til Valentine's day. This is the time of year when specialty liqueurs…

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DIY Gift Idea: Make 10 Epicurean Vegan Treats in Beautiful Recycled Glass Jars

DIY Gift Idea: Make 10 Epicurean Vegan Treats in Beautiful Recycled…

Homemade gifts are always appreciated by recipients, and food gifts are as much fun to give as they are to make. Whenever you buy products that come in glass jars, from jams and…

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I Drove Toyota's Mirai Future Car to a Sewage Plant and Filled it With Poo Power

I Drove Toyota's Mirai Future Car to a Sewage Plant and Filled it With…

You can generate hydrogen fuel from a variety of sources - including geothermal energy, solar power, wind turbines, and yes - human waste. The Fountain Valley Renewable Hydrogen Station…

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