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Futuristic Urban Farm Comes With its Own TV Station

Posted By Sarah Parsons On February 15, 2010 @ 10:07 am In Architecture,Design,Gardening and Plants,Green Building,Urban design | No Comments

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We’ve seen urban farms [1] before, but here’s one that takes city gardening [2] to a whole ‘nother level. One UK architecture student created plans for a center that’s part vertical farm [3], part TV station. The Urban Farming and Media Interactive Networks [4] (Urban F.@.m.i.n.), is a plan for an indoor farm that promotes its sustainability efforts through an on-site television program. Though the design is just a concept for now, actually implementing a similar center into existing cities could revolutionize food production and education.

sustainable design, green design, sustainable architecture, urban f@min, jack O'reily, urban farm, urban agriculture, vertical farm, renewable energy

Designed by Jack O’Reilly, Urban F.@.m.i.n. design [4] features a series of narrow towers leading to futuristic, pod-like structures that would house hydroponic vegetables and fruits [5]. Produce would be grown using water from a canal that would also serve as a transport route. All crops grown would be sold back to the city of Manchester [6] or used in an on-site restaurant. All this sounds like urban farm concepts [7] we’ve heard before, but here’s the twist: A TV studio would be integrated into the structure and would produce programs focused on sustainably produced food. [8] Plus, the building itself would rely on renewable energy [9] provided by technology like wind turbines.

At first thought, TV programming mixed with agricultural production seems a bit far-fetched, but think about it: Cooking and foodie shows on stations like The Food Network [10] are hugely popular. If folks could create a successful show focused solely on sustainable food prep and production, what better location for it than on an actual, eco-friendly farm? [4] Increased drought [11] and arable land scarcity mean that food producers will certainly have to shift from the current method of farming, and urban farms [12] are definitely a viable option. Pairing that farming with media outlets [4] and sustainability education could represent a winning combination.

+ Urban F.@.m.i.n. [4]

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