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Generating Giant Sandstone Walls to Fight Desertification

Posted By Ariel Schwartz On May 6, 2009 @ 11:30 am In Design,Environment,global warming,Landscape Architecture | 5 Comments

saharades-ed01 [1]

Desertification [2], the degradation of land in arid areas, is a growing problem due to deforestation [3], fires, and climate change. Magnus Larsson, a student at London’s Architectural Association [4] has a drastic solution–a 6,000 km long wall of artificially solidified sandstone spanning the Sahara [5]Desert from east to west. Dunes [6]along Larsson’s sandstone wall will act as a combination of refugee housing [7]and a block against the desert.

The project, which won first prize last fall in the Holcim Foundation’s Awards for Sustainable Construction [8], proposes using bacillus pasteurii–a microorganism found in wetlands and marshes–to solidify loose sand [9]into sandstone. Larsson imagines that one day he could “force the grains of sand to align in certain patterns, certain shapes, having the wind blow out our voids, creating a structure [10]that would change and change again over the course of a decade, a century, a millennium.”

It’s a big departure from current anti-desertification [11]methods, including water conservation, soil management, forestry, sustainable energy, improved land [12]use, wildlife protection, poverty alleviation. Larsson believes that the interior of the dunes along his sandstone wall could be used to achieve multiple goals at once–helping soil remain fertile, providing water [13]and shade, and taking care of plants and animals.

If it is ever constructed, Larsson’s sandstone wall could support the Green [14]Wall Sahara initiative, which aims to plant a shelterbelt of trees across the African continent.

+ Holcim Foundation [15]


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