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Gimme Shelter Project: Creating a Green Home on Shelter Island

Posted By Brit Liggett On March 26, 2010 @ 5:00 pm In Architecture,Green Building,Innovation,Sustainable Materials | 2 Comments

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Leslie Hoffman — the President and Executive Director of Earth Pledge [2] — has a background in green design. When she decided that her little house in Shelter Island, New York [3] needed a renovation [4], she — along with her talented team led by architect Steve Hoffman — decided to go all out with the green features. In an effort to educate the community at large about green building [5] she’s turned her personal renovation into the very public Gimme Shelter Project [6]. From the ground up her super-eco state of the art home provides real life insight into what it takes to remake an old house into a green beauty.

gimme shelter, shelter island, green building, sustainable building, leslie hoffman, earth pledge, new york, long island, the hamptons, architecture, non profit, community organization [7]

At Earth Pledge Hoffman has proven to be one of the leading minds in the green world. In her tenure as green guru she’s pushed the cause for sustainable materials [8] and architecture for over 15 years. It’s only fitting that she’d use her own home as a learning tool for the masses. Hoffman sees the Gimme Shelter Project as, “a living laboratory for green and sustainable lifestyle decisions.” She’s asked the community to get involved via her blog [9] in the decision making and has brought together a talented team of green people to assist in the construction.

gimme shelter, shelter island, green building, sustainable building, leslie hoffman, earth pledge, new york, long island, the hamptons, architecture, non profit, community organization [10]

Hoffman and her team have chosen to include a great mix of high-tech and low-tech green building techniques, and she explains them all on the Gimme Shelter website [6]. “Iā€™m very committed to using [the house] to educate people about sustainable, low-impact living,” she told Inhabitat, “I see the education element living on well-beyond the completion of construction.”

The home features sustainable [11] and reclaimed materials [12], passive solar [13], a rainwater collection [14] system, a green roof [15], solar panels [16] and utilizes the ocean breeze to help cool the home [17] in the summer. Featuring a beach-front location and a south-facing roof, the home is ideally placed to make the most effective use of the surrounding environment. To top it all off, Hoffman plans to plant an extensive organic garden [18] this summer with the help of community members.

Hoffman’s goal with the project is to emphasize the importance of community as the next step in sustainability. “By creating a community around our projects ā€“ whether it is building a house, getting a job or raising a child ā€“ we focus on the human interactions that ultimately sustain us. My interest is to have the richness of the interpersonal experience rather than collecting LEED points.” If you live in the New York [3] area stay tuned, this summer the Gimme Shelter Project will be having a whole host of community events focused around the new green home [19] on Shelter Island.

+ Gimme Shelter Project [20]

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