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GlidArc Uses Plasma TV Tech to Produce Super-Clean Fuel

Posted By Ariel Schwartz On March 22, 2010 @ 2:45 pm In Environment,Renewable Energy | 1 Comment

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Plasma [1] televisions are energy-sucking monsters — a 48-inch screen uses more power than a large refrigerator — which is why they have been largely replaced with LCD [2] and LED [3] screens. But the technology used to light up plasma TVs has a hidden application: creating clean fuel. Albin Czernichowski, a professor at the University of Orleans [4], France, just revealed a small, cheap device called a GlidArc [5] reactor can use electrically-charged clouds of gas, or “plasmas”, to generate clean fuels from waste.

glidarc, plasma, tv, led, oled, energy, gasification, biofuels, green energy, green design

The refrigerator-sized reactor uses a gasification process to clean waste and biomass into CO2 and hydrogen gas that can be turned into biofuels [6]. In practical terms, that means waste cooking oil [7] from restaurants or corn leaves and stalks could be used as raw material for GlidArc-produced biofuels, which release significantly less CO2 than conventional fuels.

The best part: all the parts needed to make a GlidArc reactor can be found in a local hardware store. Czernichowski estimates that a reactor could be built in a few days for approximately $10,000. So the next time you hear someone complain about plasma [8] TVs, tell them that some scientists are using the technology for good.

+ GlidArc Plasma Reactor [9]

Via EurekaAlert [10]

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