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Graft Lab’s Vertical Village in Dubai Has Spider Web of Solar Panels

Posted By Yuka Yoneda On October 7, 2009 @ 6:00 pm In Architecture,Environment,Green Building,Renewable Energy,Solar Power | 3 Comments

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At first glance, Graft Lab [2]‘s dazzling complex in Dubai [3] may appear to have a cluster of sparkling geometric pools at its base. But upon further inspection, the web-like structures are actually something even more desirable than a place to take a dip in the hot desert – a means of collecting the scorching rays of the sun and transforming them into energy [4]. Dubbed the Vertical Village, this multi-use building and accompanying massive array of solar collectors was designed to work smarter, not harder, which is expected to earn it a LEED Gold certification when it is completed.

vertical village, vertical village, solar power, solar energy, photovoltaic, dubai, graft lab, desert, green building, green construction [5]

The architects at Graft Lab (also responsible for the unique and ethereal Bird Island [6]) must have been taking good notes in their LEED classes because the Vertical Village [7] incorporates the most basic mantras of energy-efficiency in hot climates: reducing solar gain and maximizing solar production. Each hockey-stick-shaped building within the village is self-shading on its north side and on the east-west axis to reduce long-angle sun penetration. A massive bed of solar collectors [8] lies at the south end of the complex and has the ability to automatically position itself toward the sun to maximize solar-energy aggregation. The roof of the village has veins like a leaf which can break up the solar field into smaller, more manageable portions.

Aside from its energy [9]-harvesting features, the Vertical Village is also quite breathtaking to behold. The way that the buildings have been sliced and tilted gives each one a unique, futuristic look. Residents and visitors will be able to take full advantage of hotels, cinemas, restaurants, shops and a theater.

+ Graft Lab [2]

Via Ecofriend [7]

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