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GREEN GIFT GUIDE: Gifts for Under $50

Posted By Haily Zaki On December 8, 2008 @ 1:15 pm In Green Holiday Gift Guide | No Comments

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We’re all worried about the recent economic news, but we’re happy to tell you that you can still give ‘green’ without spending too much green. Stretch your green a bit further this year by giving the gift of economic and eco-friendly design. There are tons of great gift ideas out there that are fun, functional, and most importantly….frugal. Here is a round-up of a few of our favorite gifts under $50 that your friends and family will surely appreciate.

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Deck the halls with reusable water bottles! Every year over 50 billion plastic waters [2] are sent to landfill [3] in this country, despite the fact that tap water is clean, safe and way cheaper than bottled water. Show your holiday generosity towards the earth and your fellow man by picking up one of these stylish aluminum Sigg bottles [4]. It’s better for the environment and better for you wallet, too. Just in time for the holidays, these lovely brushed aluminum Sigg bottles are now available in red and green.

$15.99-$24.99 from Sigg [5]

Bambu Bowls Medium


These colorful bamboo bowls are hand-coiled, shaped, and given a food-safe waterproof finish. Produced in Vietnam by manufacturers committed to environmental protection and fair labor laws, the bowls are a perfect housewarming gift for holiday parties.

$12-$15 from the Inhabitat Shop

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USB MIX TAPE – $20 [7]

If you’re old enough to remember (and miss) the golden days of analog mixtapes, then chances are your friends will appreciate this too. Put together your favorite sound track on this 64 MB USB port and stick in a recycled “mixed tape” to commemorate this holiday season. Go on, bust out your favorite Madonna, A-Ha, or Tesla tunes and share them with your pals. You’ll laugh, they’ll cry. Guaranteed good times.

$20 from Delight [7]

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What’s not to love about an eco-chic pair of arm warmers from NIT. [8] Made from 100% super fine merino wool, this is the ultra chic gift for the urban green girl.

$35 from the Inhabitat Shop [8]

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, resource revival hybrid clock


Bike lovers and techies won’t even notice the time slipping by as they fawn over this hybrid wall clock by Portland-based Resource Revival [10]. Fashioned from recycled bike parts and a computer hard drive, this creation is brilliant and timely to boot.

$35 from Resource Revival [9]

Recycled Cassettes, Recycled casette purses, recycles casette coin purse, recycled design, cassette wallet, cassette coin purse, reclaiming design, reused materials


In an age of MP3s, you may wonder “where have all the cassette tapes gone?” These clever little recycled cassette coin purses [11] pose a solution, turning old tapes into usable vessels for all your stray pennies. Hand-made and one-of-a-kind, the cassette tapes are available from Marcella Foschi [12] in Italy.

$39 from DesignBoom [13]

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, recycled windshield glasses


Give your favorite wino or beer enthusiast a reason to toast the holidays with these awesome stemless wine and pilsner glasses made from old automotive windshields and windows. Just be warned that while the slight green hue that remains in the glass from its days as a windshield might help against the sun, it won’t do anything to abate your in-law’s glare if you over-indulge at the holiday table!

$22 for a set of two wine glasses [14] or $20 for a set of two pilsners from UnCommon Goods [15]

Inhabitat Green T-shirts, Inhabitat Tees, Inhabitat Eco Tees, Green Tee, Sustainable T-shirt, Green T-shirt, Inhabitat shirt


A great eco & economical gift to give this year is Inhabitat’s super soft 100% organic cotton t-shirt. Show that special someone in your life that you support environmental causes by supporting Inhabitat. The sage green Inhabitat tee features an subtle print of tree roots over the lung area – symbolizing that trees are the ‘lungs of earth’. Printed by hand with water-based inks in Brooklyn, NY, this Inhabitat t-shirt is super soft and 100% eco-friendly.

$35 at the Inhabitat Store

INhabitote, Inhabitat tote bag, Inhabitat bag, eco tote, eco-friendly tote bag


If you like the idea of supporting Inhabitat with one of your holiday gift purchases this year, consider giving one of our eco-friendly, 100& organic cotton tote bags. Perfect for grocery shopping (and replacing plastic bags) but stylish enough to carry around town, the Inhabitat eco tote says “I care about the environment, and I want to look good while doing the right thing”.

$25 from the Inhabitat Store

Scent of a Scandal Candle, Soy candle, eco candle, green candle, Scent of a Scandle


Nothing feels cozier in the chill of winter than burning candles, and soy candles are much better for the environmental, indoor air quality (and your lungs) than traditional paraffin wax candles. ‘Scent of a Scandal’ is a cheeky brand of green, clean, soy candles with delicious aromas and snicker-inducing names like ‘Me So Thorny’, ‘Santa’s Pole’, ‘Hanukkah Bush’ and ‘Challahback Girl’. Amuse someone you love this holiday season with a naughty soy candle.

$14.95 from Kaight

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, red maple tree


Give the gift of a gorgeous Japanese maple [18] this year. Whether the recipient is an urban dweller with a small balcony or a suburbanite with a lovely expansive garden, trees are great ways to remember a person or mark a special occasion and take some CO2 out of the atmosphere. The red-leafed Japanese maple also happens to be rife with meaning [18]. This particular maple comes happily planted in a 100% biodegradable rice hull pot. Just add water, sunshine, and love and watch your tree grow strong.

$26 from Blue House [17]

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, recycled rubber wallet


Every man in your life deserves a fashionable designer wallet to hold his hard-earned cash. From the mountain state of Colorado come these eco-friendly money holders that are made from recycled tires that would otherwise be headed to the landfill. They’re 100% vegan and feature one bill pocket, three credit card slots (because you don’t really need more than that in this economy) and one hidden slot. Each wallet is unique due to the inherent markings and texture of the rubber.

$48 from Elsewares [19]

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, steven kitra ornament


Add some true holiday cheer to someone’s tree by giving them an original, Stephen Kitra [21] recycled glass ornament. Each globe is hand-blown and features a delicate interior glass trunk that branches out to support the vibrant splashes of color. These eco-ornaments are sure to delight for years to come.

$45 from UnCommon Goods [20]



Being eco-chic is easier than ever with this She-Bible [23] Bandit Scarf made of organic cotton. With a stripped pattern and a doubled triangle shape, this charming accessory makes a perfect gift for those who have a flair for the unique and environmentally-kind.

$36 from the Inhabitat Shop [22]

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, doodlespark


If you have family members who live far away, consider giving Loop [25]‘s amazing Doodlespark [24] collection of cards to encourage correspondence the old fashioned way. This original hand-doodled four-part collection stems from collaborative artistic correspondence between a mother and daughter who found more expression in sketching then in words. All loop products are 100% green, from the paper to the soy ink to the minimal packaging.

$21 for a set of 8 at Loop [24]

inhabitat green holiday gift guide, sustainable gifts, green design, green gifts under $50, green christmas presents, sustainable design, luva huva knickers


Give a gift that is soft, sustainable and sexy to your favorite lady this year with Luva Huva [28]‘s lovely bamboo Plum knickers and camisole. Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, these cuties are a touch Victorian but feminine nonetheless. At the current conversion rate….they’re still kind of under $50. We’re cheating a bit because they’re so cute and so soft!

$40 for the Plum Knickers [26] and $25 for the Plum Camisole [27] from Luva Huva [29]

Kathleen Lewis  lotion


Keep away with the dry skin this cold season with luxurious & deliciously scented Kathleen Lewis body lotion. Kathleen Lewis lotions are thick, rich, handmade body moisturizers that are formulated with Aloe Gel, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, and Coconut Oils, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Lanolin, and Grapefruit Seed Extract to soothe and moisturize skin – and they smell great.

$22 from the Inhabitat Shop


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