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Built in a tropical climate, the spiraling green roof can stay lush year round and likely provide more than enough food for its 500 preschool children. Two sloping ends of the triple ring-shaped structure are neatly tucked beneath a raised loop, landing flush with the three inner courtyards. These internal courtyards offer a protected and comfortable play space for the children. These outdoor play spaces are also extended onto the vegetated roof, which doubles as an outdoor classroom where children can learn how to grow their own food.

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Beneath the green roof, the classrooms and indoor spaces are shielded from the sun by concrete louvres. Recycled materials, water recycling, solar-powered heating and other energy-efficient and eco-friendly features are visibly designed into the building to teach children about energy saving processes. The Farming Kindergarten received a Silver Provisional Certificate as a pilot project of LOTUS, a green rating system by the Vietnam Green Building Council.

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