1. You need to be a registered Inhabitat reader to be eligible for a prize. If you haven’t registered for our newsletter yet, REGISTER HERE>

2. Submit up to 6 landscape-oriented photos of a single costume. Images should be large, clear and of a high resolution — please don’t send us blurry or filtered Instagram photos!

3. Each costume (or theme/concept) should be submitted as a separate entry.

4. Store-bought costumes will not be considered.

5. Sexy costumes for the ladies involving leotards and cat/mouse/bunny ears or devil horns will also not be considered — you are better than this!

6. By sending us your photos, you agree that you are allowing us to publish your photos online.

7. If you are dressing up your kids, and you want to win cute kids’ schwag, consider entering your little ones’ costumes in the kid-oriented INHABITOTS HALLOWEEN CONTEST >

8. The judges reserve the right to decide the finalists, and to choose winners (for editor’s choice award) and in the event of ties or discrepancies in public voting. Judges decisions are final and will not be swayed by whiny emails. So don’t try!

9. This contest is only open to U.S. residents. Apologies to our international friends.

10. The deadline to enter is 11:59PM EST on November 1st, 2014