Gallery: GREENPIX Zero Energy Media Wall Lights up Beijing


The upcoming 2008 Olympic Games are inspiring some show-stopping buildings and technologies, among them the Greenpix Zero Energy Media Wall by New York based architecture & media firm Simone Giostra & Partners. Visible from up to a kilometer away on one of Beijing’s most congested main roads, the 20,000 square foot bright light facade of the Xicui entertainment complex is more than stunning, it’s surprisingly strong in its green credentials. The Greenpix Zero Energy Media Wall is the world’s largest color LED display, and has a self sustaining energy life-cycle. Harvesting sunlight collected during the day via photovoltaic solar cells, the wall uses stored solar energy to light up the LED’s for a spectacular nighttime show.

The media wall has been embedded with intelligent software, allowing the skin of the building to respond to internal and external data, creating a unique, ‘responsive environment for entertainment and public engagement’. The design is specifically large scale and low resolution so as to provide an ‘art-specific’ media facade. Future content for the media wall is expected to include Olympic events, site-specific video-art installations, weather forecasts and video gaming. The entertainment center will house the first venue dedicated to media art in Beijing.

New York based architecture & media company Simone Giostra & Partners, have been designing curtain walls for over 12 years and in association with Arup, the support of German manufacturers Schueco and SunWays, and the assistance of Chinese solar company Suntech, have developed a new technology for laminating photovoltaic cells in a glass curtain wall. Architect, Simone Giostra says he was inspired by the ‘everchanging experience’ of the seascape, and that he wanted to replicate it in some way.

‘The polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are laminated within the glass of the curtain wall and placed with changing density on the entire building’s skin. The density pattern increases building’s performance, allowing natural light when required by interior.’

You can play around with the Greenpix simulator online, which converts Quicktime films to the Greenpix format for an idea of the impact of the giant media wall. Simone Giostra & Partners expect the structure to ‘define new standards in the context of urban interventions worldwide, raise global interest in the integration of digital technology with architecture and reinforce the reputation of Beijing as a center for innovation and urban renewal.’ This is definitely a sensational piece of work which we look forward to seeing more on.

+ Greenpix Zero Energy Wall
+ Simone Giostra & Partners


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  3. joeqq June 24, 2008 at 4:03 pm

    Hi Jiminey,

    Just share with you my 2 cents as a Chinese.

    First of all, I totally agree with you that the current chinese government is not that good to win the heart of everyone, especially those western people who respect ‘human right’ above anything. But I can tell you the truth that it wins most of chinese especially after the earthquake. I also agree with you that Tibat is an issue and currently there is no good answer to it.

    But, please do not always link everything with it, especially Olympic game. Do you believe boycotting it can help a single Tibatan refugee or scrare of chinese government? If you are sure of all western people who respect human right are not economic driven at all, probably you will see the result of an isolated China eventurally. But, no change in the government and another ‘north korean’ may emerge. On the other hand, give chinese govenment more space and time to evolve (I think most people should admit that chinese government is much better in terms of respecting human right in the last 10 yrs compared as 30 or 40 yrs ago), I think you probably will see a satisfied result for all of us, chinese, tibatan and westerners.


  4. jiminey May 25, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    Hello – in response to npa2,
    I have been to both Tibet and China and have spent considerable time living in Tibetan refugee settlements in Nepal and India. I have extensive knowledge on the issue that has been gathered from academic papers, journal articles, historical references, eye witness accounts and interviews, and my own experiences. I have read Chinese Government views on the matter also. I wonder then if you have ever been to Tibet, if you can count any Tibetans as good friends, or where in fact your information is sourced from? Regardless, people who have not been to Tibet are entitiled to thei opinions, particularly as it is impossible to go there at present. Do not assume that because I comment on Tibet that I am ignorant or rely solely on the Media, which I agree is not always factual or accurate. Personal attacks such as those you made in your comment are entirely unhelpful. What is needed is well reasoned dialogue.

    My observation of architects is based upon several personal conversations I have had with architects working in China and several key note addresses at conferences that I have attended.

    May you have the courage to open your mind and to see that criticism of the Chinese Government is not the same as criticism of Chinese people or culture.

  5. npa2 May 22, 2008 at 9:27 am

    Jiminey – you don’t know what you are talking about. Have you been to Tibet? I’d bet you have never even stepped outside your own village!
    You should never tell other “what you have just heard” but can not substantiate. Go out there and take a look for yourself before you accept what is fed to you by the media. Media is just like any other business; they are there to sell you their views.
    Sit comfortably in your Lazy-Boy and do nothing will not improve the world any…

  6. paul May 22, 2008 at 8:41 am

    How many of these wonderful (useless) green devices will be needed to block the views of the 500+ new coal-fired power plats that China is planning to build?? Stare in awe at the pretty lights while we bulldoze the atmosphere.

  7. jiminey May 20, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Interesting concept, just can\’t help but think about Tibet though and Chinese people who have had their homes etc destroyed because of the Olympics. I am surprised so many leading architecture practices are willing to ignore the reality of the state of human rights in China to participate in the Olympic sham and have their work and name associated with it. Architecture cannot be considered \’sustainable\’ in this context, even if it uses neat tricks with energy. I have heard people talk about how great it is to work in China (as architects) because there are no public consultation etc procedures to go through. I hope they think about what that means for people living in China and weather they are comfortable supporting the regime there. You cannot separate social issues from environmental ones in any good conscience.

  8. Chas May 20, 2008 at 10:50 am

    this is so ludicrous that it’s comical.
    like the other structures of the Beijing Olympics it’s done to show how advanced China is & yet it’s done by everyone BUT China. In this case it’s done by an American company which is exactly who China is trying to snub their nose at.

  9. filepromptdotcom May 19, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    It’s all very well for Vegas or a strip joint, otherwise its a hazard for drivers, or will end up being a cause for epilepsy, and will certainly lead to the largest garish advertising ever.

    Shame the energy the cells harvest cant be used to really save energy, like power the offices during the day

  10. DeadPanDan May 19, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Cool sun-tracking mechanism.

    I want one.

  11. M2JL May 19, 2008 at 10:46 am


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