Happy Green Halloween from Inhabitat!

In the spirit of our favorite fall holiday, we’d like to share with you some ideas for green Halloween decorations….

SOLAR JACK-O-LANTERN PATIO LIGHTS Light up your porch for Halloween with these pumpkin solar garden lights. They have a solar panel to collect sunlight to power the rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries, and an automatic sensor activates the light to come on at dusk. (Thanks to American Inventor Spot for the tip).

LED LUMIERES These Philips LED candles aren’t really designed specifically for Halloween decor – but we think they’d make great lumieres. They flicker and provide the soft glow of real candles without any of the smoke, short life or fire hazards that real candles bring, and would be especially appropriate to lining your patio on a cold autumn night.

FIREFLY GARDEN LIGHTS Finally, these Firefly Garden lights aren’t really specific to Halloween either, but they are perfect for the fall. Firefly Magic’s lights are programmed to flicker and fade just like real fireflies, and they even come with solar-powered batteries.

If you have any other ideas… please share them with us. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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  1. LisaBrenChris October 23, 2008 at 8:48 am

    Getting costumes at resale shops is what we did. Hey, they’ve been worn maybe once, and the ones we found were of good quality, and often in the original packaging. Since some of the accessories they come with are um,…cheesy, we grabbed some “real” accessories and gave them some flair. BWT, I found lots more good costume ideas from this article by some thrift store chain called value village.

  2. andrea November 6, 2006 at 9:55 am

    @ Frances: I think having a weblog about sustainable design/products IS a beautiful idea! ;-) And even if some of the posts do not meet your I-am-environmentally-friendlier-than-you standards, still they DO something, and reach a lot of people who really DO appreciate the effort!

    @ Inhabitat: keep up the good work! ;-)

  3. simon November 2, 2006 at 10:02 am

    Well said Frances – perhaps you’d like to share some of your beautiful ideas one day?

    As an environmental architect living in the UK I regularly browse Inhabitat for inspiration, but COME ON! Let’s have a little more critical thinking please. The implication that these featured products are ‘safer’ than candles and pumpkins is bizarre – do we understand what goes in to making a Ni-Cad battery, and the legacy they leave behind when they are thrown away?

    True, one candle can cause death and destruction, but with risk comes responsibility and with responsibility very often comes reward. From time-to-time we choose to let our six year old son carry a candle in a candle-holder through our darkened house to the bathroom and enjoy the grin on his face as the shadows leap around him. But we also make sure he understands the need for care and what to do if something goes wrong – and we don’t just leave him to it – one of us takes the time to ‘be around’ just in case something does goes wrong.

    We live in and are often shaped by a frenetic, risk averse, consumerist climate, but that doesn’t mean we have to unthinkingly accept it or blindly follow it.

  4. dgsmills November 1, 2006 at 3:17 pm

    One of the best thing about Halloween is the fact that the primary decoration [the pumpkin] can be repurposed so easily. Carve it up and illuminate with a candle, roast the seeds with a little salt, cook the pumpkin into soup or whatever. Anything that’s left over goes into the compost for next spring’s garden.

  5. frances November 1, 2006 at 9:45 am

    Faking reality. Superficiality. Landfill stuff. Plastics and petroleum. Consider adjusting life so that it has more genuine substance, instead of trying to buy that substance. The first road leads to satisfaction and fulfillment, the latter to shallow pleasures. The joy of candles is the quality of their unstable light, which can’t be reproduced. The joy of fireflies is that they are temporal and again, visually “unstable” as they dance high and low in the twilight. True, fundamental beauty and pleasure comes from things that we CAN’T control: sunsets, blossoms, crashing surf, fire and fireflies…..Why do we have to try to own it? It is so much more satisfiying to share an evening with friends with candles that you’ve made, (which I’ve done; the pleasure is in the process); so much more simple joy in bringing your friends to a place with real fireflies, (definitely a more memorable experience)….Effort: one gets out of something what one puts into it.
    And practically speaking, it costs a lot more money to acquire such unnecessary things. Faster, more, more, faster…….what for? Where does it get us?

    As both a consumer product designer and a naturalist/environmentalist, I am having an increasingly difficult time with American’s need to produce more stuff that we just don’t need, and with my contribution to this malady. The factories I use are in Europe, where their life doesn’t revolve around SHOPPING, and I actually feel a sense of relief, a lack of shopping pressure, when I’m there; life is about family, friends, and great food. Hey – I love manufacturerd beauty: Maserati’s Vanquish, Macs, Fortuny; but it always begets more, and it all eventually ends up as trash. But conscience compels me to put my money where my mouth is, so I have closed my business, have stopped designing “things”, and have moved on to designing ideas; perhaps, beautiful ideas.

    Hopefully, those of us who preach to the environmental choir are not doing the opposite back in the nave.

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