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Happy Holidays From Inhabitat!

Posted By Mike Chino On December 25, 2009 @ 11:00 am In Announcements | No Comments



From the East Coast [1] to the West Coast [2] to the world at large, Team Inhabitat [3] is sending you warm holiday wishes from every corner of the globe! Our writers and editors are warming up the wintry weather with a healthy dose of holiday cheer, so read on for our season’s greetings and let us know how your holidays went in the comments below!

Jill, Petey, Cardboard Christmas Tree, Green Holidays

Editor-in-chief Jill Fehrenbacher [4] says: “Here I am with my son Petey admiring our Cardboard Christmas Tree [5] (we’ve extolled their virtues many time on Inhabitat [6], here [7] and here [6]). We’re laying pretty low this year: we’re going to eat vegan cookies and play in the snow in NYC!”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009, yuka and conan

Senior Editor Yuka Yoneda [8] says: “This is Conan O’Brien Yoneda admiring his Christmas tree (a faux that I picked up for $17.99 in college and have kept in my room ever since). Conan’s gifts have a black, white and red-all-over theme achieved using funny Japanese newspaper clippings and my favorite houndstooth stamper. He can’t wait to open them!”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009,Jasmin and DJ Hedgehog

Ecouterre Managing Editor Jasmin Malik Chua [9] writes: “Holiday greetings from sunny Singapore, where we’re introducing the youngest addition to our family to relatives, most of them for the first time! May your seasons be bright and barf-free!”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, Xmas tree by Mike

Managing Editor Mike Chino [10] says: “Leaving San Francisco to visit my parents in Orange County is always a bit of a mind trip – there’s no public transportation, tons of cookie cutter houses, and urban sprawl as far as the eye can see. However this year I was struck by my dad’s growing fascination with energy-efficient lighting, which is approaching an obsession. There are solar-powered garden lamps, LED Christmas lights, and a CFL in every room of the house. Ever the pragmatist, I’m sure the switch to these new bulbs stem more from their longevity and efficiency than his desire to save the planet, but hey – it’s a start!”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009, Beth and Olivia Christmas 2009

Inhabitots Managing Editor Beth Shea [11] and Olivia in the Oregon countryside choosing a Christmas tree.

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009, leaholiday09

Contributing Writer Lea Bogdan [12] says: “I’ve recently move across the country to Chicago, just in time to “experience” a mid-western winter. I decided to create a simple decoration with a paper floor light and some light strands instead of wasting a tree this year. After I string the lights, I hung up a few ornaments that I brought with me from my dearly missed city of Philadelphia. This worked well to give my new place a small dose of Christmas spirit, because not only have I barely unpacked my bags, but I will also be traveling out of town for most of the holiday.

Another way I’m greening my holiday is by sending digital cards and donating the money I would have spent on paper cards and stamps to a noteworthy charity. This year I made an illustration of me in my new city [13], and I chose Feeding America [14] for the donation. Since I’m so new to the area, I did need a little help for my card with a skyline template from Merriment Design [15]. Happy Holidays to all the Inhabitat readers!”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009, haily zaki cookies

Contributing Writer Haily Zaki [16] says: “As a good cook, I’m kind of a terrible baker. So this year I tried to conquer holiday cookies (and cupcakes). I made dozens of batches of cornmeal sugar cookies (which turned out like butter cookies), honey cupcakes disguised as reindeer [17], and raspberry and chambord filled mini brownies. We used all organic ingredients, from the butter to the flour to the eggs, with the exception of the icing (which came in squeeze bottles for convenience – sue me, I was in a rush!), the reindeer face candy (although those are organic chocolate chips), and the snowflakes (no idea what those are made of but they looked pretty). Basically, the baked goodies were offered up to friends and family as gifts, and served a holiday party. There really is nothing like receiving a bunch of cookies made with love and lots of brown sugar.”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009,

Transportation Writer Jorge Chapa [18] says: “Christmas in Oz takes on a whole new meaning. It is hard to think of a white Christmas amongst the scorching Sydney heat; one thinks, if Santa is coming to Australia, he better bring a change of clothing. Adaptation to one’s environment? What could be greener than that!

I’ve been away from the site for a few months, doing a bit of soul-searching. This past year has been one of disappointment from our governments, who are moving inches when great strides are needed. The only thing that makes me feel hope after the failures of these past few weeks, is the incredible amount of work happening on all sectors of society. From my point of view at least, the green revolution sweeping the building industry in Australia is exciting and inspiring. I can safely say that at least down under, society as a whole is coming to terms with a carbon and resource-constrained future, and is meeting the challenge head on.

As for Christmas this year, I’ll be spending the day in the beautiful Blue Mountains surrounded by friends, cherishing the past year, and looking forward to the challenges of the one to come. Happy Holidays to all of you, and may the New Year be kinder than the last.

See you next year!”

sustainable design, green design, happy holidays from inhabitat, inhabitat team, christmas 2009, holiday 2009, moe beitiks,Yosemite Half-Dome

Contributing Writer Moe Beitiks [19] says: “This holiday I’m working from Yosemite. While wishing I could witness the talks, demonstrations, artworks and actions in Copenhagen [20] firsthand, I’ve been grateful for the time I’ve had to reflect on the natural landscapes here. This year, a Ringtailed Cat [21] interrupted several evenings of the Bracebridge Dinner [22], chewing on the scenery [23] and reminding the elegantly attired guests of the wild outside. Warming climate has forced the American Pika [24], a tiny furball that can’t survive in temperatures higher than 78 degrees Farenheight, higher and higher into the Yosemite mountains [25]. It follows the cold. Yosemite itself, is, frankly, an absurdly picturesque winter-freaking-wonderland that has made me ever more grateful for the planet and the people who have mobilized to protect it.

Also, there’s live jazz piano every day in the hotel lounge. Which is nice.”

Happy Holidays from Half Dome [26].

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