Gallery: Help Audi Design Their Future Line of Electric Vehicles!


As car companies around the world scramble to energize the transportation market, Audi is taking to the streets to crowdsource designs for their next generation of cars. They’ve launched a public competition to design Audi’s future production line of electric cars. Entries are due by July 31st and eight finalists will be invited to present their ideas to the company. A winner will be announced in November and although there is no specific prize noted, a trip to Germany is in the cards and the company has hinted at possible employment at Audi for the finalists.

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  1. kedwa30 April 26, 2011 at 5:42 am

    Please let’s not insult Audi by suggesting they strip down an old VW. Yes, the most affordable electric car is a home-spun conversion.
    Car enthusiasts love the rumble of the engine and super speed and handling. Car enthusiast are the past. The future and majority of the market are simple people who want a reliable car to take them to their reliable job and back and to safely pick up their kids etc. Car enthusiast flock to auto shows, but soccer moms make big purchasing decisions. That said, there is also a market for tech savvy youth who are the future soccer moms and dads. Street racing is so 1950’s. The now generation is more interested in how fast a computer goes for their game system. Heat and AC are essential since college kids want a car they can practically live in. A built-in computer that is powerful enough to run games while the car is parked will be a big draw not only for youth, but also for the moms addicted to farmville and other online social games. Future applications of electric cars as back-up power for the home has already been discussed elsewhere. A small turbine engine that can provide power for extended range and heat from a carbon based fuel is expected. Whether there is heat output from the carbon engine or simply from the electronics, there is a place for added efficiency through the utilization of a sterling engine. Audi, known for their precision, should have no problems manufacturing and utilizing sterling engines to improve efficiency.
    Every electric vehicle should incorporate the use of solar panels. There’s no good excuse not to.
    For the AC, I would like to see an integrated evaporation cooler. On hot days, the driver would just need to make sure to add water. This is probably the worst of my ideas, however, I would like to see it as it is the most energy efficient method of cooling. Let the buyer decide if the energy savings are worth the inconvenience.
    As for the styling, there is no need to have a front grill, and the lack of one would add to the appeal as a unique signature that this is an EV. The surfaces should be pocked like a golf ball for better aerodynamics. The roof should overhang the windshield like a brow, and the windshield should be flat up and down but curved to the sides like half a cylinder. The seats should allow for proper posture as in sitting upright in a typists position, not so low to the floor that one is practically lounging. Steering and speed should be controlled by a joystick. This would instantly make the car popular with a growing segment of the population who lose feeling in their lower extremities.
    Liquid crystal emblems can be embedded which turn dark in the light and light in the dark. An LCD on the rear can display a customizable and changeable tag line. It could also be used to display current speed and warnings to those behind that they are following too close as determined by a sensor. This gets into safety. Smart cars should have the ability to communicate with one another and even be networked.
    Drivers who have wrongfully been ticketed wish there were electronics in their car that they could use to prove they were not exceeding the speed limit. In the case of stop signs, it would be nice to have a sensor that can tell you that you have come to a complete stop, so you don’t inadvertently do a rolling stop. Cars can help us become better drivers. A dead-man switch needs to be incorporated somehow to safely bring the car to a stop in the unfortunate case of passing out due to low blood sugar. Future cars will be flexible… able to extend their frame on the fly into a pick-up with optional cap and seats to make it into a van with third row seating, and just as easily collapse back into a two seater similar to a Geo Tracker. Air shocks will be standard so the car can be lowered to help grandma get in, but raised when needed for that rough terrain. The side panels and bumpers will use air pressurized carbon fiber balloons for the ultimate in impact safety.

  2. ohiomike June 9, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    Consumers need an affordable electric car. A car that is affordable to buy and operate efficently. What comes to mind and keep it open is the VW Beetle. Take that design and put the motor in front or in 2 wheels and the controller, batteries and electrical throughout the car. That means take an old style Beetle and remove the rear engine and muffler, front gas tank and basically strip down the car. Insert all you need for electric conversion. You have instant and good efficient electric car that can be sold everywhere and be affordable by most anyone. After all VW sold more units of this car in gas model than any other in the history of cars. Keep it simple and affordable.

  3. Laira June 9, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Mere words can never express my feeling the reason is it is too amazing posting. also my car is “Audi”. Great Thanks

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