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High-Flying Turbines Could Tap 870 Terawatts of Wind Power

Posted By Cameron Scott On September 9, 2010 @ 2:00 pm In Environment,Green Technology,Innovation,Wind Power | No Comments

wind power, airborne wind power, joby energy, makani power, renewable energy, sustainable design, space junk [1]

You know where there’s a lot of wind that could be harvested for energy [2]? The upper layers of the atmosphere, which contain as much as 870 terawatts of power — that’s 870 trillion watts! Researchers, startups and even some established players are getting serious about capturing that energy, and they’ll be gathering for a conference [3] at Stanford at the end of this month.

wind power, airborne wind power, joby energy, makani power, renewable energy, sustainable design, space junk [4]

The ideas are still in the germinating phase, to be sure, but atmospheric wind promises another significant advantage over down-to-earth approaches: less raw material needs to be used per watt of power, which translates into a lower cost per watt. Joby Energy [5], which hopes to launch a 500-kilowatt winged turbine next year, claims to be able to use just 20 tons of material per megawatt, compared to the conventional wind power [6] industry average of 96 tons.

But there’s a catch: keeping these funky contraptions from becoming more space junk. Joby’s plan to tether propellers with a cord sounds a little low-tech for such an ambitious undertaking, and competitor Makini Power [7]‘s glider wing proposal sounds pretty dubious, too. How about one of these balloons [8]?

+ Joby Energy [5]

+ Makini Power [7]

Via Greentech Media [9]

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