HIGH TECH OIL SPILL SOLUTION: oil busting robots

by , 06/16/08

oil spill, osp robot, ji-hoon kim, inflatable barrier, modular oil spill solution, oil spill cleanup, oil spill cleanup robots, oilspill4.jpg

The OSP robot is an ingenious solution to something that has devastling effects on wildlife and the environment: oil spills. The faster a spill can be dealt with – the better the outcome. With this in mind, product designer Ji-hoon Kim has come up with a set of modular oil-cleaning robots that can be quickly transported to the scene of an oil spill by helicopter or boat. Once deployed, the little oil-busting robots connect and contain the spill with an inflatable barrier, after which point cleanup teams can come in and manage a less severe disaster.

oil spill, osp robot, ji-hoon kim, inflatable barrier, modular oil spill solution, oil spill cleanup, oil spill cleanup robots

Currently a concept design, Kim says the clean up OSP Units are powered using built-in solar panels, and controlled using algorithms. With oil spills having negative effects – even in proportions as low as one part per billion – on the organ function of seabirds and marine animals, and harming estuaries and shoreline ecosystems, any effective solution is fantastic.

Via Yanko Design

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  1. boo June 12, 2010 at 9:01 am

    This is my idea of what might work. First measure drill hole’s circumference. Then create steel tubes with criss-crossed steel cables anchored on tube’s sides, with holes on top & bottom. These tubes are connected together to form a long mesh tube. Robotic submarines could guide tube to drill hole & affix it over center of drill hole. Robotic submarines could connect links in tube, & eventually tube would reach surface – like a giant straw, from bottom of Gulf to surface. Purpose of tube is a strong guide to put pipeline down thru it to drill hole. Large pipes could be slowly lowered through “straw” down to drill hole. Eventually, pipes would set on drill hole. Majority of oil would then flow thru pipe. There\’d still be oil spilling from base of drill hole. With majority of force of oil flowing upwards thru pipe, robotic subs could seal base of tube. Once oil begins to spout out of pipe at surface, pipe is connected to oil tankers that would carry oil away.

  2. art torres May 13, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Put a long long sock type of bladder with a port at the end with a hose attachement to offload oil At the other end have a cinch type set up that you cover th the pipe,. then cinch closed or at least less oil into seawater. Offload oil into ships and continue until permanent solution is found

  3. bashier March 13, 2009 at 6:20 am

    i don really get the idea of this
    can u explain it further of wat i can helps n how it operate

  4. kurtisroy June 19, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Must these be so large and gadgety? This seems unlikely given the cost it would take to manufacture a dozen + of these when you can drive a boat around the oil spill and deploy a similar system. It seems that this is a product designer making another shiny, pretty product without any quality thought devoted to a real solution.

  5. csven June 16, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    (Reposting what I submitted to the Yanko site)

    Considering it’s really just a concept, I wish it had gone much, much further (and didn’t look so clumsy; aquatic forms are elegantly sculpted, not geometric).

    Of potential interest: I used this exact same scenario as an example for a “kirkyan” device (someone added that concept to Wikipedia but, like “spime”, it was deleted; I’ve archived that page here – http://www.rebang.com/csven/Kirkyan.htm ). However, beyond not having a transreality component, it has another issue (but as I’ve been working on this idea myself, I won’t explain). Thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

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