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Posted By Jill Fehrenbacher On December 19, 2005 @ 7:49 pm In Green Holiday Gift Guide | 1 Comment


EGGLING – $8.95 [2]

Want to turn your little one into a green thumb? The adorable ceramic Eggling [3] looks like Japanese lovechild of a Kinder Egg and Garden In a Bag [4]. Crack one open, add water, and within no time, a little plant will pop up. Each comes with a terra cotta tray and seed pack. Growing is simple ? plants thrive for months in their shell and can be replanted in soil. Fun for kids and adults alike.


$8.95 from Elsewares [3]


Where The Body Shop meets onesies, Speesees [5] is carving a niche of cuteness. Founded on a commitment to organic fabrics and fair trade, Speesees offers a line of infant and toddler gear with simple prints and bright colors. What really made this love at first sight, though – aside from the company’s social and ecological agendas – are the devastatingly precious photos of little munchkins at their website. Photographer Lauren Burke [6] has stocked the site with off-the-chart adorable portraits for your viewing (and cooing) pleasure. For the bambinas in my life, I feel great about buying a few things from Speesees [5] – I know where it came from, I know what it’s made of, and I know it’s going to last well through the toddler wear and tear.

$15-30 from Speesees.com [5]


For any child or parent inspired by the Green Dollhouse Project [7], the companion book is now available. Great for learning and teaching, the book has many ideas about how to build more sustainable environments at all scales. There are also “how-to” sections for those kids with a creative knack who want to try building their own green dollhouse. The most compelling entrants of the competition and their environmental features are highlighted.

$19.95 from Ecotonedesign.com [8]

UNDER $100

ECOSPHERE – $65 – $500 [9]

The EcoSphere [10] is the world’s first totally self-contained and self-sustaining ecosystem ? filled with red shrimp, bacteria, algae and filtered seawater.

These beautiful glass terrariums require no feeding, no cleaning, and no care, and will last up to 5 years. The ecosphere is a simple version of Earth?s own closed ecosystem and contains the same essential elements that are found on our planet: air, water, sunlight, and a simple food chain. A great gift for both kids and adults, the EcoSphere [10] is an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet.

$65 – $500 (depending on size) from Brookstone [11]


Cub Children’s Chair – $138 [12]

Not only is Daniel Michalik’s cork furniture flexible, ergonomic and super cute ? but it is also made from recycled cork from the bottle stopper industry ? making it as environmentally friendly as it is kid friendly. Cork is an engaging and environmentally responsible material which is completely sustainable, recyclable, and plentiful. The “Cub” childrens’ chair is made completely from cast cork, which produces a dense, unusual texture that’s highly attractive and intriguing to the eyes and hands of young children.

$138 from BranchHome.com [12]


ANIMAL ROCKERS ? $100 – $150 [13]


Although plush animal rockers aren’t anything new, I think they are so cute they are worth a mention.

How could your toddler not love this adorable rocking cow [14] who moos when you pinch its ear? Inculcate a love of nature and animals early on in your child with these wildlife alternatives to the traditional rocking horse. In addition to the cow, other options include a barking St. Bernard [15], a roaring lion and an elephant [13] that makes “elephant sounds”. Even though I don’t have any children, I am really tempted to get the elephant [13] just to hear what “elephant sounds” are.

$100 – $150 from RockersNMore [16]


Although one often associates mobiles with baby rooms; these beautiful, slow-drifting creations could lull even the most caffeinated adult into deep relaxation. Adrift Mobiles beautifully combine eco-friendliness with simple, modern design in their line of bamboo and wood veneer mobiles. The designs are delicate and organic looking, available in five different variations, each with a silhouette suggestive of its name, like “flight,” (below) which looks like a trio of water birds, and “flow,” which resembles a whirlpool.

$248 from Adrift Mobiles [18]


While the pricetag may be a bit exorbitant, you can’t help but adore this great little hobbit-like playhouse. Made by UK based Reel Furniture [20], it is fabricated from reclaimed wood and industrial scraps just like their rockers and other furniture pieces. Want a treehouse instead? No problem- longer legs can be used to lift the playhouse up into the trees. Not only can you feel good about providing your kids a great little sustainably made environment of their own- but you can feel good that they won’t be playing around chemically pressure treated lumber.

?3000from Reel Furniture [19]

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