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Sleek Solar and Wind Powered Hybrid Street Lamps

Posted By Bridgette Meinhold On July 13, 2009 @ 5:00 pm In Design,Environment,Green Lighting,Renewable Energy,Solar Power,Wind Power | 16 Comments

street lamp, lamp, LED, solar, wind, solar power, wind power, pv, wind turbine [1]

As designers strive to create a more sustainable future, we’re thrilled to see designs that integrate a variety of renewable energy technologies into objects we encounter in everyday life. This innovative hybrid wind and solar powered street lamp [2] is just such a solution – not only does it use renewable energy to provide light, it’s a stylish update to an everyday object that is capable of operating completely off-grid. The hybrid streetlamps consist of a solar array topped with a wind turbine, and they are capable of generating up to 380 W of power.

street lamp, lamp, LED, solar, wind, solar power, wind power, pv, wind turbine

Designed and manufactured by Urban Green Energy [3], these solar/wind powered street lamps are mounted to a standard galvanized steel pole that can be made locally and easily swapped with older street lamps. The turbine on top can be either a 300 W 2nd Generation vertical axis wind turbine [4] (VAWT) or a horizontal axis wind turbine. Mounted on the side of the pole are 2 solar panels [5] made by F3 Solar [6] that are capable of generating up to 80 W of power.

The street lamp is capable of producing up to 380 W of power if the sun was shining and the wind were blowing, and the street lamps save excess energy generated in a battery that powers their high efficiency LEDs through the night. Since every location and project is different, Urban Green Energy is taking a component-focused approach to the street lamps’ design – the LED lights, solar panels, wind turbine, tower height, and battery storage are all easily scaled to best fit a particular project.

Decorations on the pole compliment the sweeping lines of the wind turbine and can be customized to whatever color the buyer wants. The hybrid LED lamps [7] seem more like an commissioned art piece rather than a standard industrial looking street lamp.

Urban Green Energy [3]‘s Hybrid Wind/Solar Lamps are already gaining attention around the world – they just signed an agreement with an undisclosed city in China to outfit their streets with these street lamps. The company also offers wind turbines ranging from 300 W up to 10 kW, and we recently got a sneak peak at their new 2nd generation 4kW VAWT [8]. We think this new company is on the right track, and we can’t wait to see their hybrid turbines hit the streets.

+ Urban Green Energy [3]

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