The SunPort lets you power any device with solar energy

sunport, paul droege, solar power, clean energy, renewable energy, kickstarter, crowdfunding campaign, smart device to support solar power, solar power usage app, solar credits, tracking energy usage, matching energy usage with solar credits

A little company called SunPort has launched a crowdfunding campaign that could change the clean energy game in a new way. SunPort is a smart device that looks like an ordinary outlet extender, but it does something pretty spectacular. This smart little gadget lets you power anything with solar energy without the need for solar panels. It’s completely portable, too, so green-minded techies can take advantage of renewable energy at home, at school, or on the road, all with one little plug.

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Cacoon is a hanging tent that lets you get away from it all

by , 08/01/15

cacoon, hanging tent, covered hammock, portable shelter, hanging shelter, hanging cocoon tent, cocoon tent

The Cacoon hanging tent is the perfect place to escape from it all. Part hammock, part tent, it’s an indoor/outdoor cocoon that can travel wherever you go – even if you never leave your home. Built to resist wind, rain and sea, the Cacoon comes in two handy sizes and any color you can dream up.



Parasitic pod homes attach to buildings to provide additional housing

FAKRO, Homes for the Homeless, James Furzer, London Homeless Population, Parasitic Architecture, Parasitic Pods, Detachable pods, Parasitic pods, London Homeless Shelters, modular pods, modular design, rough sleepers, homes for rough sleepers

Since 2010, the number of homeless people “sleeping rough” on the streets of London has risen 77 percent, according to James Furzer, an architectural assistant at Spatial Design Architects. In response to this humanitarian travesty, he conceived a conceptual parasitic pod home to provide temporary shelter. The winning design of the 6th Space for New Visions design competition, which called for comfortable, functional, naturally-lit spaces with a low environmental impact, “Homes for the Homeless” demonstrates how FAKRO products can be used to create detachable pods that not only attach to existing buildings, but also blend in.

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Only four Northern White Rhinos remain on the planet

northern white rhino, northern white rhinoceros, nabire, endangered species, extinct, ivf, in vitro fertilization for rhinos, can northern white rhinos be saved

Nabire was a 31-year-old Northern White Rhino who called Czech Republic’s Dvur Kralove Zoo home until her death, which was announced Tuesday. Nabire suffered from uterine cysts, which made it impossible for her to breed naturally, and a ruptured cyst led to her demise. In December 2014, the world’s Northern white rhino population dropped from six to five after the 44-year-old male named Angalifu died at the San Diego Zoo. With Nabire’s passing, there are now just four of the rhinos left on earth – three females and one male. Because none of the females are capable of carrying babies, there is a ticking clock on the survival of this subspecies.

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Exclusive video: The Barr Brothers perform at the Pickathon Music Festival

YouTube Preview Image

Somewhere between a dusty Americana and West African groove lies the soulful grit and instrumentally diverse folk-rock sound evoked from The Barr Brothers. The Montreal-based quartet features mesmerizing slide guitar, evocative vocals, and intense drumming, interwoven with soft, subtle harp drifts. Their rich, avant-garde sound is at its finest amongst the trees or atop a mountain — they’ve been known to play upon the rim of the Grand Canyon, welcoming tourists to film them. This year, they are sharing their unique sound at the 2015 Pickathon Music Festival, happening this weekend in Happy Valley, Oregon. Pickathon is the world’s most sustainable large-scale outdoor concert, and we can’t get enough of the sound.

We’ll be releasing a series of exclusive live music videos with Pickathon throughout the fall, so be sure to stay tuned for more new tracks coming from the wilderness of Happy Valley.

+ Pickathon Music Festival


Patrick Nadeau's Green-Roofed Wave Home Changes Appearance with the Seasons in France

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Fascinating floating city shaped like a manta ray would be 100% self-sustaining

City of Mériens, Jacques Rougerie, manta ray floating city, floating city, oceanic research, seaorbiter, ocean research, university city, city shaped like manta ray

French architect Jacques Rougerie has envisioned a giant floating city which bears a striking resemblance to a manta ray. He discusses his love for the ocean in an interview, where he calls himself a “mérien,” a term he coined which translates to “one belonging to the sea.” His dream is for likeminded individuals to populate his City of Mériens, to conduct research on the surrounding ocean.

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Facebook unveils solar-powered Aquila plane that will beam the internet to remote locations

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Famed "Up" house of 84-year-old lady who refused to sell to be rescued by nonprofit

edith macefield, seattle up house, ballard seattle, paul thomas, up house, up house saved

Earlier this month, we reported the sad news that Edith Macefield’s iconic Seattle home likely faced demolition, after its new owners determined it would be too expensive to renovate as a coffee shop. The bungalow came to share a city block with a shopping center in the downtown neighborhood of Ballard, WA when Macefield, the home’s former owner, refused to sell her property to developers. The now-vacant home, a symbol for anti-corporate struggles, has reportedly been saved from the chopping block and will remain intact, thanks to a yet-to-be-named nonprofit organization.

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California senators push for emergency drought relief measures

california drought, drought legislation, senator dianne feinstein, senator barbara boxer, california emergency drought relief act

California lawmakers are finally getting serious about the worsening drought in California.
Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer jointly introduced a bill this week that outlines a host of anti-drought efforts to be paid for with federal funds. The California Emergency Drought Relief Act calls for desalination research, grants for new water-metering and stormwater capture, as well as $200 million for new water recycling projects. All of these measures are a last-ditch attempt to make the most of what water remains in the state before it dries up.

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Seascape cottage is a self-sustaining getaway made from locally-sourced materials

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Beijing Olympics déjà vu as city is chosen to host 2022 Winter Games

by , 07/31/15

Bird's Nest, Water Cube, beijing, beijing winter olympics, beijing olympics, olympics, olympic games, winter olympics, 2022 olympics

It was a close vote, but Beijing has been selected to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Chinese capital beat out Almaty, Kazakhstan 44 to 40 in an International Olympic Committee ballot today in Kuala Lumpur. The decision puts Beijing in the unique position of being the first city ever chosen to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Some of the factors that helped push the city over the top include its plan to reuse some of its existing infrastructure from the 2008 Summer Olympics like Herzog and de Meuron’s famous Bird’s Nest stadium and the award-winning Watercube, as well as talk of a new high-speed rail system that would benefit the area well after the games are over.

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Submit your proposals for ‘architecture that reacts’ to the Laka Competition 2015

by , 07/31/15
filed under: Design Competitions

Laka, Laka Competition 2015, architecture that reacts, sustainable architecture, architecture competition

Public arts initiative Laka is inviting designers from around the world to submit their ideas of ‘architecture that reacts’ to the Laka Competition 2015. Although interpretations of ‘architecture that reacts’ will vary, the phrase generally refers to architecture that is accessible to everybody, and can respond and adjust dynamically to the current needs and circumstances of its users. The ideas should stimulate dialogue on how architecture can play a stronger role in social revitalization and help develop more sustainable cities. A prize pool of $5,000 USD will be divided amongst the top three winners. The registration deadline is October 20, 2015 and the deadline for submissions is October 31, 2015.

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Get a sneak peek at Pickathon, the world's most sustainable music festival, opening this weekend!

YouTube Preview ImageThe Barr Brothers perform from the Pickathon Mountain Stage

Outdoor concerts and music festivals are notorious for producing insane amounts of waste. From single use cups and beer cans, to the stages themselves, the egregious amounts of litter that is left behind at the end of a show is appalling. Luckily, there’s one indie music festival that is taking great strides to change the concert landscape, and they have great bands too! As the only environmentally-friendly large-scale outdoor music concert, Portland’s Pickathon Music Festival combines great indie bands with eco-designs in Happy Valley, Oregon, including a reusable stage made from 520 upcycled shipping pallets, solar powered lighting, recycling and composting. But if you can’t make it up to Oregon this weekend when it kicks off, don’t fret — starting today Inhabitat will be introducing you to a whole lineup of emerging musicians at Pickathon with an exclusive live broadcast right here. Check out the video above for a sneak peek!

Pickathon Music Festival, Pickathon Mountain Stage, Guildworks, eco-friendly concerts, sustainable concerts, green concerts, green music festivals

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Baines&Fricker reveal a stylish portable research lab for Fieldwork

Fieldwork, Fieldwork lab, Baines&Fricker, portable lab, portable research lab, research lab, green design, research, research tools

Baines&Fricker were commissioned by consultancy firm Fieldwork to design and make a portable research lab. The lab comes in a custom built flightcase with rollers on one side. The flightcase doubles as a base when stood on one end and the lab’s front panel pulls forward to create a desk. According to Fieldwork founder Curtis James, “Fieldwork do ethnographic research into working life, which entails making visible the ordinary and extraordinary things that might go unnoticed in day to day office life.” This new portable research lab allows them to advance their work in a stylish, convenient way.

+ Baines&Fricker

+ Fieldwork

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This home in rural Ghana was built from rammed earth and recycled plastic

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Cat Camp opens today in NYC (adorable video)

Cat Camp opens today in NYC (adorable video)

cat camp, cat camp nyc, cat cafe, cat cafe nyc, purine one, purine one cat camp, cats nyc, cute cats, openhouse nyc, nyc cat camp From the people who brought you the first ever Cat…

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Removable 3D-printed casts you can wear in the shower speed up the healing process

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Cantilevered timber-clad retreat overlooks lakeside views in Canada

Cantilevered timber-clad retreat overlooks lakeside views in Canada

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Australia reveals the world's first solar powered “e-paper” traffic signs

Australia reveals the world's first solar powered “e-paper”…

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