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Inexpensive, Lighter Jelly Batteries Could Power Laptops and Electric Vehicles

Posted By Lori Zimmer On September 12, 2011 @ 3:42 pm In Environment,Green Technology,Innovation,Renewable Energy | 5 Comments

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British scientists have created a lithium jelly that could be used to make safer, cheaper and less toxic batteries. The new gel would replace the liquid electrolytes in common lithium batteries [1], which are hazardous and toxic. This could also mean lighter, more powerful batteries for our laptop computers [2] and electric vehicles.

green design, eco design, sustainable design, jelly battery, University of Leeds, Electric vehicles, lithium battery [3]

One of the biggest assets behind the jelly batteries [4] technology is that it less likely to overheat. Batteries can heat up to hundreds of degrees into a state called thermal runaway, which can wreak havoc on a device, or even catch fire. Overheating is also a common issue in electric vehicles [5], which use liquid lithium batteries as well. The jelly batteries operate at a much cooler temperature, and they would also be significantly lighter than low-performance electrode batteries, a common industry solution to liquid electrolyte batteries.

The jelly batteries replace liquid electrolytes with a gooey gel that stays put between the battery [6] electrodes. It functions like a solid, but has all the conductive properties of a liquid electrolyte. The result is a more controllable electrolytic substance.

According to the scientists, the jelly batteries would be 10-20% the price of liquid electrolyte batteries [7]. Both the laptop industry and the electric car industry could benefit from the jelly batteries, which would make overall prices lower, while providing a battery that does not over heat.

Via BBC [8]

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