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Infinium Sun Car Races Ahead

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Infinium Solar Car, racing, electric vehicle, photovoltaic, lithium battery, Michigan Engineering, U-M, Ford, General Motors

In a converted warehouse on the outskirts of Ann Arbor (Michigan’s other city), swarms of brilliant students harness conceptual, terrestrial and solar power for unusually racy, million-dollar road trips. Enter the Infinium 2009 [1] solar car. Strips of photovoltaic panels [2] (the space-age, gallium-arsenide [3] kind) absorb the sun’s energy along a sleek and light carbon-fiber shell, and a 16-hp electric motor in one of its three wheels propels the 600-lb coupe up to 90 miles per hour and 98 percent efficiency. Awesome aerodynamics and innovative innards apparently allow the Infinium a driving range of 200 to 300 miles without any sunlight at all.

Infinium Solar Car, racing, electric vehicle, photovoltaic, lithium battery, Michigan Engineering, U-M, Ford, General Motors

Revving up for the World Solar Challenge [4] — an 1,800–mile race across Australia this October — the University of Michigan’s Solar Car Team [5] pools academic disciplines, corporate backing and 3-D technology to engineer highly competitive electric vehicles. The Infinium [6] is their tenth sun car in 20 years. In order to produce such a lean, clean and “green” machine, the 150 or so collaborators use CAD [7] and Z Corp [8] for efficient design, and mostly titanium and aluminum parts.

No wonder major car companies like Ford and GM are paying attention — and money — toward U-M’s sunny efforts that could boost prospects for their own EVs. For example, according to Popular Science [9], the Infinium’s 50-lb lithium battery is one-third the size of GM’s Chevy Volt [10]. Even Hollywood has taken notice, documenting and awarding the climactic story of this starry bandwagon’s predecessor, the Continuum [11].

In a recent interview with ars technica [12], the team’s strategy director Alex Dowling compares the Infinium to “a pregnant poptart” and reveals more under the hood and behind the scenes in the race for a place in the sun.

+ Infinium [6]

Via Designboom [13]

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