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International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2007 - Inhabitat Reports [1]

Every May in New York City, the flowers bloom, the cold winter weather becomes a distant memory, and thousands of thousands of avid design fans flock to the Javits Center for the tens of thousands of square feet of the newest and coolest from the design world. We attended ICFF [2] expecting the usual whirlwind, but were pleasantly surprised by the amount of thoughtful, green, and engaging items we found. Like anything else, ICFF [3]is a mixture of the good, bad, and the boring, but we found ourselves pleased by the diamonds in the rough that demonstrated a greener, more thoughtful approach to design. Read on for our highlights from ICFF [3].

To see our full spread of photos from the event, check out our Flickr Feed > [4]

ICFF 2007 [5]
ICFF lobby at the Javits Center

Sibir Designs, CD Lamps, ICFF 2007 [6]
Sibir Designs CD Lamps [7]

DForm, ICFF 2007 [8]
DForm Booth [9]

Silverware lamp, ICFF 2007 [10]
“Hungry” Silverware Chandelier by Fabbian [11]

ICFF 2007, Tord Boontje, Nanimarquina, Little field of flowers [12]
Jill with Tord Boontje’s Little Field of FlowersRug for [13] Nanimarquina [14]

ICFF 2007 [15]
New children’s collection of organic cotton bedding from Amenity [16]

ICFF 2007, Rick Lee, Owl lamp, Habby lamp [17]
Rick Lee’s Habby-Like Owl Lamp [18] – We’re going to commission him to make a Habby lamp for us

ICFF 2007, Iannone Sanderson [19]
Iannone Sanderson [20] never fails to impress with their eco-friendly, thoughtful and beautiful wood furniture

ICFF 2007, Metropolis Magazine, Metropolis booth [21]
Metropolis Magazine’s booth [22] was the hit of the show

ICFF 2007, Metropolis Magazine, Metropolis booth [23]
Metropolis booth’s green roof [22]

ICFF 2007, Molo, paper seating [24]
Molo’s booth [25]– soft seating with plants

ICFF 2007, Mixko [26]
Mixko’s eye-catching lamps [27] were one of our favorite discoveries at this year’s ICFF

ICFF 2007, Thout, Electrical cord lamps [28]
Thout’s Electrical Cord Lamps [29]

ICFF 2007, Corona Solar light, Emi Fujita, Shane Kohatsu [30]
Corona Solar Light [31] by Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu

Nume Cutey McCute Kids Furniture [32]Eco-friendly Kids Furniture was all the rage at this year’s ICFF. This collection from Nume [33] was one of our favorites.

Pkolino Eco Desk [34]More awesome kids furniture from P’kolino [35]

Chalkboard Bent Ply Kids Desk [36]We just couldn’t get enough of the eco kids furniture this year – there was SO MUCH on display. We especially like this chalkboard take on the bent-ply classic.

ICFF 2007, Moroso [37]
The Moroso booth [38] was impressive

ICFF 2007, Organic LED lamp, LED light, LED's [39]
Organic LED ““Archimedes’ Dream” Lamp by Makoto Tojiki [40]

ICFF 2007, Noodle Design, photo lamps [41]
Noodle Design photo lamps [42]

ICFF 2007 [41]

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