INTERVIEW: Architect James Corner On NYC's High Line Park

by , 06/04/14
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The High Line urban park project in New York City opened last summer to tremendous excitement from locals and tourists alike looking to escape the bustling streets for a more peaceful, green enclave in the sky. NYC’s High Line is a project that exemplifies effective adaptive urban re-use in a city that is littered with structures and spaces that have since reached the end of their useful life. By turning an abandoned, elevated freight train track into a public park, this project has redefined the New York experience, affording never-before seen views of the city’s surrounding natural landscape as well as an expansive and intimate look into one of the world’s most dynamic urban environments. With the completion of the rest of the High Line currently in the works, we couldn’t think of a better time to catch up with one of the brilliant minds behind the design of this beautiful public space. I recently sat down with landscape designer James Corner, the lead designer behind the High Line, to get his personal perspective on the what it was like to take an abandoned train track and turn it into one of NYC’s best loved spots of greenery. Read on for my exclusive interview with James Corner below…

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VIDEO: Would You Eat Crickets? New Yorkers Give Them a Try

by , 06/03/14

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Entomophagy, the consumption of insects as food, has been gaining popularity, and last week Inhabitat stopped by an event where curious New Yorkers were trying out the trend and tasting some crunchy cricket canapes. Click here to see our video with reactions from these brave foodies, and tell us in our poll below whether or not you would be willing to embrace bugs as a food source.

Would you incorporate insects into your diet?

  • 139 Votes Sure, I would try it as a healthier, more sustainable source of protein.
  • 66 Votes Yech - no, thank you.
  • 67 Votes Maybe, but they would have to be transformed to the point that I didn't recognize them as bugs.

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VIDEO: Inhabitat Does BKLYN Designs 2014!

by , 05/31/14

If you weren’t able to make it to BKLYN Designs this year, see what you missed in our new video of the Inhabitat editors shouting out their favorite green designs from the show. From reclaimed wood sofas to a poker table made out of recycled materials, check out the what’s in in Brooklyn this year – and don’t forget to see who’s in at the end of the clip.

+ BKLYN Designs on Inhabitat



VIDEO: Inhabitat Interviews the Designers of the LowLine Underground Park

by , 05/28/14

By now, you’ve probably heard of the High Line, but did you know that there is also an underground park called the LowLine proposed for downtown Manhattan? It may have seemed like a pipe dream at first but with many residents backing the project and New Yorkers in awe of what a subterranean park could mean for the city, the LowLine is picking up speed and could soon bring an amazing new public space (not to mention added revenue for the city) to the Lower East Side . Inhabitat’s very own Editor-in-Chief, Jill Fehrenbacher, recently caught up with the LowLine team, James Ramsey and Dan Barasch, to pick their brains about what could be New York’s next design landmark. Click through to see the video, and learn more about this incredible initiative.


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Inhabitat Interviews Shiply Green Logistics Company Founder Robert Matthams

by , 05/16/14

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INTERVIEW: 8 Questions with Starbucks Global Responsibility VP Ben Packard

by , 05/12/14

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INTERVIEW: Black Eyed Peas' Tells Us Why Green Fashion is the Future

by , 05/08/14

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Green fashion already has a strong group of loyal followers, but how do we get the word out to a larger audience? We recently caught up with multi-platinum recording artist to see how he is using his influence and fashion expertise (did you know that he attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles before becoming a Black Eyed Pea?) to spread knowledge about the importance of sustainable fashion to the masses.



We Talk With Tracen Gardner of Reclaimed Space About Prefab Building & Salvaging Materials

by , 05/02/14

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How You Can Make an Edible Water "Bottle" at Home!

by , 05/01/14

algae water bottle, biodegradable water bottle, calcium lactate, DIY, eco design, edible bubble, edible water bottle, edible water bottle diy, green design, Guillaume Couche, how to make an edible water bottle, Lexus Design Award 2014, molecular cuisine, molecular gastronomy, Ooho, Ooho water bottle, Pierre Paslier, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, sodium alginate, sustainable design, water issues

We were fascinated when we first came across the Ooho, an edible water “bottle” conceived by three students to reduce plastic waste, and decided to make one of our own. Check out our DIY video and DO try this at home!



VIDEO: THE LED BULB CHALLENGE - We Upgrade 5 Designer Lamps at ICFF With Low-Energy LED Bulbs

by , 05/01/14

By now, we hope that most of you know that swapping incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs saves money and energy, but there’s still a lingering misconception that LED bulbs emit a cold, bluish light that is just not as warm or attractive as the old filament-filled bulbs we grew up with. To dispel this fallacy, we sought out a group of people with a critical eye for light bulb color and ambiance – lighting designers on the show floor of the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at New York Design Week. These meticulous designers take light warmth and quality very seriously (that is their job after all), so we couldn’t think of anyone better suited to give an honest opinion about the latest generation of high-tech LED light bulbs. Watch our video above to see how we retrofitted five gorgeous designer lamps with new Philips LED light bulbs – and in the process saved $1,732.86 in energy costs and won over some designer converts to the future of LED lighting.

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to Urban Chandy Founder Cassidy Brush

by , 05/01/14

cassidy brush, BKLYN Designs 2013, green designers in Brooklyn, NYC green designers, Urban Chandy, Dumbo design event, green lighting, green interiors, green events in NYC, recycled materials, reclaimed materials, urban chandeliers

It was pretty much love at first sight when the Inhabitat editors first laid eyes on Urban Chandy’s sparkling upcycled light fixtures at BKLYN Designs this year, and we recently got a chance to take a closer look. Our very own Diane Pham visited founder Cassidy Brush at her Brooklyn studio and the pair talked about recycled materials, urban inspiration and more. Read on for the full interview.



Inhabitat Talks to Elea Robinson, Founding Faculty at New Amsterdam School, About Growing a Green School

by , 04/30/14

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Do you remember the antsy feeling you would get in school while waiting for the recess bell to ring? Luckily, more kids today are spending time outdoors as educators begin to realize the link between connecting with nature and a holistic education. We recently had a chance to talk with Elea Robinson, a founding faculty member of the New Amsterdam Waldorf School to learn more about how a nature-based curriculum can help to improve the education and well-being of our kids. Read on for the full interview!



VIDEO: Original Copies Author Bianca Bosker on Architectural Mimicry in China

by , 04/30/14

We’ve been fascinated with the concept of duplitecture—the practice of cloning entire buildings—ever since we discovered that Chinese developers were knocking off European architectural icons and, in some cases, even entire towns in the Chinese countryside. Duplitecture expert Bianca Bosker recently published a new book on the subject; Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in China. We recently had the chance to pick the author’s brain about how and why this trend has spread so prolifically across China in particular. From Chinese clones of the Eiffel Tower to the White House, the country has produced nearly exact duplicates of numerous famous structures from around the world—but why? Check out our interview with Bosker as she answers that question and others about what these copycat buildings signify in terms of China’s culture, and how they are perceived by the rest of the globe.

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Eco Fashion Designer M Patmos Talks About Her Sustainably-Designed Brooklyn Apartment

by , 04/29/14

m patmos, m patmos apartment, m patmos fashion, green interiors, green renovations, sustainable design

Marcia Patmos, the brains behind the much-loved M Patmos eco fashion line, applies her eco-conscious mindset to everything she does. When we saw the designer during fashion week, she mentioned her newly-upgraded Brooklyn apartment, which she sustainably revamped with the help of architect and designer Robert Farrell. She recently invited us to tour the beautiful space, which is a warm and light-filled home, outfitted with a carefully-curated selection of vintage and handmade home decor plus energy-efficient appliances. Hit the jump to see her pretty pad for yourself and learn more about her design inspiration!



VIDEO: Ethical Fur - Is It Possible? And Meet New York's Wild Wolves!

by , 04/27/14

Living in New York City, I often feel like I’m lacking nature in my life. Lucky for me, however I recently got offered the opportunity to go on an “animal adventure roulette” by Subaru to check out some local fauna in the New York City area, with my 5-year-old son Petey. Our first destination? Ambika Conroy’s Compassionate Bunny Fur Farm in upstate New York with 18 angora rabbits, where owner Ambika makes amazingly soft, warm, fur-like winter accessories like scarves, hats and sweaters sans cruelty by brushing her adorable pet rabbits! We also made a stop at a surprise destination to howl with some wild New York wolves. Watch the video here, to see what the wolves have to say to Inhabitat readers!




INTERVIEW: Smart Tips on How to Green Your School from Aimee Østensen of the Manhattan Country School

INTERVIEW: Smart Tips on How to Green Your School from Aimee Østensen…

Studies show that sustainable learning environments can be a big advantage for students, improving their well-being, happiness and even their cognitive processes. But how can parents…

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INTERVIEW: Architect James Cleary on Designing the Kitchen of the Future, Today

INTERVIEW: Architect James Cleary on Designing the Kitchen of the…

James Cleary is a Brooklyn-based architect who has designed many residential buildings throughout NYC Over the last century, the design of the kitchen has changed dramatically.…

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INTERVIEW: We Talk to Joinless Founder Ben Davis About How Buying Less Crap Can Make Us Happier

INTERVIEW: We Talk to Joinless Founder Ben Davis About How Buying Less…

Have you ever felt like the objects you own actually own you? If so, maybe you should join Joinless, the world's first open source brand. Joinless is based on the idea that we…

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