INTERVIEW: Ecouterre Chats with Russell Simmons About His New Cruelty-Free Fashion Line

by , 03/19/13

Argyleculture, eco-fashion, eco-fashion events, Ecouterre, ethical fashion, green fashion, Joshua Katcher, Majora Carter, NY Coalition for Health School Food, Russell Simmons, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style, vegan accessories, vegan clothing, vegan fashion, Yuka Yoneda

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates of cruelty-free fashion, but we also think there’s a lot of money to be made by companies who make clothes without harming animals. Well, who better to ask about that than business mogul and successful fashion entrepreneur Russell Simmons? We recently caught up with the man behind Def Jam Records, Phat Farm, and American Classics (not to mention practicing vegan of 13 years and outspoken animal-rights activist) at the “Healthy Food in Fashion” fall gala and asked him everything from whether he thinks sustainable fashion makes good business sense, to what his new cruelty-free clothing line Argyleculture is all about. Read on to see what he said!




How Do We End Our "Fast Fashion" Addiction? An Interview With "Overdressed" Author Elizabeth L. Cline

by , 03/14/13

Overdressed, Elizabeth L. Cline, overconsumption, materialism, fast fashion, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style

Elizabeth L. Cline has spent over three years researching the American fast-fashion industry. The result? Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, the insightful story of how we became dependent on fast fashion and built our disposable wardrobes.  Click ahead to check out our interview with Cline, featuring helpful tips on how to break our overconsumption habit.



VIDEO: Boston 'Bike Czar' Nicole Freedman Talks Bike-Share & Urban Cycling

Nicole Freedman, Boston Bike Czar, Bike Boston, cycling in Boston, boston bike sharing program, Boston bike share, bike sharing program, urban bike share, public bike sharing, public bike share system, public bike sharing, urban cycling, Head of bicycle programs, mayor Menino

For years, the city of Boston has been considered one of the WORST cities in the world for biking – with no bike lanes to speak of and crazy drivers. Nicole Freedman, Boston’s new ‘Bike Czar’ is hoping to change this with an ambitious program to overhaul Boston’s streets and make them safe and conducive for biking – even bringing the U.S.’s first urban bike share program to Boston! If you are a regular Inhabitat reader, you may remember that we hosted a live webinar discussion with Nicole on Inhabitat this fall, as part of our Green Talks series of video interviews. Our fascinating discussion with Freedman shed light on how urban bike share programs work, and how one goes about trying to turn the worst biking city in the world to one of the best.

Watch our full videos of the talk below to find out more about Nicole’s achievements making Boston a better place to bike, and her grand plan to try to make commuter cycling safer and more practical for more Americans.

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INTERVIEW: We Talk to Architect Charles Newman About 15,000 Bottle Caps for Africa

15; 000 Bottle Caps for Africa; Under the Acacia; Charles Newman; Charles Newman Design; recycled materials; recycled bottlecaps; reused materials; repurposed materials; social design; low impact; traditional techniques; Maasai; Maasai culture; Kenya; Africa; Village Earth; Habitat for Humanity; Inhabitat; Engineers Without Borders; Jess Teutonico; Loita Hills; Greystone Learning Center; Greystone Aviation; Internet Society; Adele’s Literacy Library

What started as the 15,000 Bottle Caps for Africa concept just a few months ago is now an actual built computer learning center and library thanks to architect Charles Newman and the organization Under The Acacia. The Kenya-based project revolved around Newman’s inclusive approach to design, which made it imperative that he work closely with the local Maasai people and give them ownership over the build. More than an architectural feat decorated with colorful bottle caps laid out by Maasai women according to traditional jewelry patterns, the project also creates social cohesion and introduces technology in a non-intrusive way. Newman explains, “In a community that has historically resisted western influence, allowing them to create something unique to their tribe helps them understand that while computers might be foreign, it is an opportunity to further enrich their own culture.” Read on for Inhabitat’s exclusive interview with this revolutionary architect.

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INTERVIEW: Gensler's Irwin Miller on Sustainable Architecture and Opportunity Green

Gensler, Architecture, Inhabitat, Inhabitat Los Angeles, Inhabitat LA, Sustainable Building, Green Building, Sustainable Architecture, Green Architecture, Irwin Miller, Green Design, Sustainable Design, Opportunity Green, Green Conference, Sustainable Conference

Gensler has more than 3,000 professionals in 41 locations around the world, and together they have managed to make quite an impact with sustainable architecture. Granted, not every architecture firm has access to their level of resources, or their repeat clientele, but we decided to dig a little deeper to see if the sustainable trend is just an outward appearance of the firm’s design, or if the philosophy is carried throughout their office’s culture. We recently spoke to Gensler’s Irwin Miller to learn more about the firm’s stance on sustainable architecture, and why they feel it is so important to be involved with green business conferences like Opportunity Green.

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Pedro Kok's Video Shows Beautiful Metropol Parasol In Action in Seville

by , 02/15/13
filed under: Architecture, Interviews, Video

Metropol Parasol, Pedro Kok, Video, Jurgen Mayer H. Architects, Domus, Seville

Can’t get enough of the Metropol Parasol? Neither can we, and we just love this new video narrative of the urban sculpture. Filmed by Brazilian artist Pedro Kok, the short video produced for Domus shows how the people of Seville are embracing their new promenade. Stunning views of the city are visible from the top of the structure and cool, luxurious shade is available below. At night, the new giant-scale structure is a hot bed of activity.

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INTERVIEW: Gustavo Penna on Building the Lincoln Residence in the Highlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil

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Video Interview with Green Home Designer Michelle Kaufmann

Michelle Kaufman's MKLotus Green Prefab House, Eco Prefab, Zero Energy Prefab, Michelle Kaufmann Designs, Michelle Kaufman Designs, MKDesigns, Zero-Energy Prefab, Sustainable Prefab, West Coast Green, City Hall, Jill Fehrenbacher

At a West Coast Green conference in San Francisco, we were lucky enough to not only get a sneak peek of the Michelle Kaufmann mkLotus prefab house, but also to speak with the designer herself to get the low-down on the sleekly-designed zero energy home. Check out the video to learn all the details about the energy, water, and materials packed into this compact sustainable home.

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks with Carl Seville, the Green Building Curmudgeon

Green Building Principles and Practices, Green Building book, Green Curmudgeon, LEED for Homes, Energy Star 3, Green building, NAHB, green retrofit, green home rating, HERS score, Earthcraft, home building, eco housing, green multi-family, Carl Seville

We had an opportunity to sit down with green building consultant Carl Seville, also known as the Green Building Curmudgeon for his no-nonsense look at green building and remodeling. Carl just published the textbook GREEN BUILDING: Principles and Practices in Residential Construction and is working on the new LEED for Homes Guide. We jump into the the quickly evolving world of green home construction and fly over the many local and national green building programs he has worked with. Fresh from speaking at the RaterFest Conference in the Colorado Rockies, he gives us a sometimes surprisingly optimistic look at better home construction.

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IBM's Drew Clark on the Future of Smart Meters

sustainable design, green design, energy 101, smart meters, drew clark interview, ibm venture capital group, energy monitoring, smart grid

In our last Energy 101 column, we looked at some of the home energy monitoring devices currently available and explored the ways that they can help us live more efficient, eco-conscious lives. But with smart grid technologies rapidly approaching, a new group of energy-tracking devices is emerging. We had the chance to speak with Drew Clark, Director of Strategy for IBM’s Venture Capital Group, about what the future holds for smart meter technology.

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VIDEO: Inhabitat Lighting Makeover - Inhabitots Editor Julie Seguss Gets a Money-Saving Light Bulb Overhaul

YouTube Preview Image

If you read our enlightening “how to switch to LED bulbs” tutorial, you’ve hopefully already seen how much money and energy you can save by replacing your incandescent bulbs, but we wanted to make it even clearer how easy and effective a home light bulb makeover can be. We headed over to Brooklyn to give a light bulb overhaul to the managing editor of Inhabitots, our very own Julie Seguss! Julie is going to be a new mom in just a few months, so saving money is of the utmost importance right now, but she still wanted to keep her Park Slope home illuminated with a warm, bright glow. In just a few hours, the Inhabitat lighting makeover crew (aka Inhabitat editors Jill & Yuka) were able to swap out all of Julie’s electricity-guzzling incandescents and halogens with energy-efficient Philips LEDs, and we think you’ll be impressed with the monthly savings we tallied up for Julie at the end of the day. Check out our video above to see the whole makeover, and find out how much extra cash Julie and her husband will have after the makeover to spend on diapers and baby clothes!

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VIDEO: MoMA Curator Paola Antonelli Takes Inhabitat on a Tour of 'Talk to Me'

Paola Antonelli, Paola Antonelli inhabitat, Paola Antonelli interview, Paola Antonelli talk to me, talk to me moma, talk to me museum of modern art

Everyone from design nerds and art critics to tech geeks and gadget junkies has sung the praises of “Talk to Me,” the Museum of Modern Art’s latest special exhibit that puts technology and interactive design in the spotlight. Put together by MoMA design curator Paola Antonelli, the show features nearly 200 pieces that range from talking plant sensors to robotic animal simulations to digital designs for building facades, each exploring how objects communicate with us. We were treated to a special guided tour of the exhibit by Antonelli herself, and we had the chance to talk with her about how technology impacts our lives and what she thinks about the future of sustainable design.



INTERVIEW: We Talk to Blueseed About Their Floating “Googleplex of the Sea” Island

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Top 6 Inhabitat Interviews of 2012 - Vote for Your Favorite!

by , 12/31/12

top 6 inhabitat interviews, top 6 interviews, inhabitat interviews 2012, top interview posts 2012, inhabitat interviews, inhabitat interview, mvrdv interview, lowline interview, anton wubben interview, blueseed interview, NuClic Founder David Kim interview, Dr. Joe Lstiburek interview, jessica kelner interview

Over the last year, Inhabitat interviewed dozens of designers, architects and green visionaries from across the globe. Whether we were chatting up the creators of NYC’s Lowline Undeground Park or discussing the good, the bad and the ugly side of architecture with building science pioneer Dr. Joe Lstiburek, there was plenty of food for thought to be shared when it came to sustainable design. Check out which 6 interviews really stood out in 2012 and then vote for your favorite!

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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Eco-Fashion Designer Samantha Pleet

eco-fashion, eco-fashion designers, eco-fashion videos, ethical fashion, green fashion, Samantha Pleet, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style

Even though Fashion Week is behind us, we thought it would be fun to revisit the exclusive video we shot of one of our favorite New York Designers, Samantha Pleet. Our very own Jill Fehrenbacher chatted with the eco-designer in her Brooklyn studio about everything from her collection to what the future of sustainable fashion will look like. Click here to check it out!



VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Inhabitat Talks to Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer of

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Inhabitat Talks to Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer…

Adrian Grenier (of Entourage fame) and Peter Glatzer (a veteran film producer) founded, a sustainable site that brings together Grenier and Glatzer's background in film with…

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Speaks with Revenge of the Electric Car's Director Chris Paine

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Speaks with Revenge of the Electric Car's…

The first film, Who Killed the Electric Car?, seemed to place blame squarely on the shoulders of GM for rounding up and crushing its first electric production car, the EV1. But then,…

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to Panasonic's Katsumi Tomita About Greening the Electronics Industry

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to Panasonic's Katsumi Tomita About…

Inhabitat: Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Panasonic? Tomita: My title is Manager of the Communication Team in Corporate Environmental Affairs Division, Environmental…

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VIDEO: The Story Of Inhabitat

VIDEO: The Story Of Inhabitat

You might check out Inhabitat for the latest and greatest in green design and innovation (at least we hope you do!), but did you ever wonder how the website began and what fuels it?…

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How The Nokero SunRay Pro Power Solar Charger Saved My Skin & My Sanity During Hurricane Sandy

How The Nokero SunRay Pro Power Solar Charger Saved My Skin & My…

This article was originally published in November 2012 When Hurricane Sandy hit last week and the power in my lower Manhattan apartment went out, my first thought, as I dug around…

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Discusses the RIO+20 Conference with Thani Al Zayoudi, Directorate of Energy and Climate Change at UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Discusses the RIO+20 Conference with Thani Al…

INHABITAT: The start of the Rio+20 conference is upon us now. What is the UAE hoping to achieve whilst there? Thani Al-Zeyoudi: The UAE’s ultimate goal in Rio is to ensure the…

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron About the Light & Energy Issue

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to Dwell Editor-in-Chief Amanda Dameron…

INHABITAT: Can you tell us a little about Dwell's Light & Energy issue and what kind of content readers can expect when they pick it up on newsstands this month? AMANDA: I enjoy…

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Pick Up a Hammer for Habitat for Humanity's National Women Build Week

Pick Up a Hammer for Habitat for Humanity's National Women Build Week

INHABITAT: Can you tell us a little bit about National Women Build Week and what prompted Habitat for Humanity to start the event five years ago? Lisa Marie: Habitat’s Women Build…

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eBay Launches New Green Driving Site for Finding and Buying Eco Vehicles

eBay Launches New Green Driving Site for Finding and Buying Eco…

INHABITAT: Can you tell us a little bit about what eBay Green Driving is and why eBay decided to develop it? Brad: The site is a one-stop-shop for all things related to green driving.…

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INTERVIEW: Rob Peterson Of Chevy Talks Volt Production Shutdown, Reveals High Customer Satisfaction

INTERVIEW: Rob Peterson Of Chevy Talks Volt Production Shutdown,…

There is a buzz in the air this week about the Chevy Volt thanks to an announcement by General Motors on Friday that they'll be shutting down production of the Volt at the…

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INTERVIEW: CEO of Bentley Systems Greg Bentley Talks About the Future City Design Competition

INTERVIEW: CEO of Bentley Systems Greg Bentley Talks About the Future…

While we write a lot about a sustainable built environment, we often overlook the contribution of engineers. We recently talked at length with Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems,…

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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Inhabitat Gets Electric Vehicle Fever at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Inhabitat Gets Electric Vehicle Fever at the 2012…

Inhabitat's Jill Fehrenbacher recently hit the scene of the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where she toured the laser-filled show to bring you an exclusive look…

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Bill O'Reilly Caught Red-Handed in a Flip Flop - He Used to Support the Volt and Government Subsidies

Bill O'Reilly Caught Red-Handed in a Flip Flop - He Used to Support…

Oh the talking heads of the political world -- what would we do without them? The latest wonderful blunder has come from one of our favorites, Mr. Bill O'Reilly. In the midst of the…

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VIDEO: Costello Tagliapietra’s Dazzling Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week Show

VIDEO: Costello Tagliapietra’s Dazzling Fall 2012 New York Fashion… We were seeing stars at Costello Tagliapietra’s Fall/Winter 2012 debut at New York Fashion Week, and not…

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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Ecouterre Hits the Green Carpet at Christie's

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Ecouterre Hits the Green Carpet at Christie's "Runway…

A few months back, Christie's Green Auction raised a whopping $1.4 million for four very worthy environmental charities -- Oceana, NRDC, Central Park Conservancy and Conservation…

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