INTERVIEW: Yves Behar Talks to Us About Sustainable Product Design

Yves Behar, FuseProject, One Laptop Per Child, Leaf Lamp

The designer behind the One Laptop Per Child Project, Yves Behar is truly a world-class designer, balancing aesthetics, function, and socially-based initiatives. Founder and principal designer of FuseProject, he also happens to be the Chair of the Industrial Design Department at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts. Recently, he facilitated a design studio in which Industrial Design students partnered with South Korean cell phone manufacturer Pantech to design new cell-phone models, taking on the future of mobile communications and addressing the idea of emotional networking. I had a chance to speak to Yves about the studio, sustainability, and more…

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INTERVIEW: We Talk Hemp with South African Materials Expert Tony Budden

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INTERVIEW: Mike Chen of Made in Space Explains How 3D Printing is Going into Space

by , 03/24/14

Made in Space, Mike Chen, 3D Printing, Advanced Manufacturing, 3D printing in space, International Space Station, Future Space Missions, Apollo 13, FDM Printers, Fused Deposition Modeling, Future Technology, Green Technology, Open Source, Space Technology, Dan Barry, NASA, ISS, Space Missions, Extended Space Travel, Long Term Space Missions, Living in Space, SpaceX, Space X-5,

Previously on Inhabitat we’ve written about Made in Space’s ambitious plans to bring 3D printing to the International Space Station. But how will such technology work when everything is floating? To find out, we caught up with Made in Space co-founder, Mike Chen. Mike discussed with us the challenges of extruding plastic in microgravity, how one designs a printer made for space, and how this technology could benefit future space missions. Keep reading to learn more about how the ever-popular, advanced manufacturing method is entering the final frontier.

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Green Building in Cold Climates: Inhabitat Interview with Bernat and Kate of Maison Durable Portneuf

Maison Durable Portneuf, Biomur, Kate Alvo

We’ve seen many examples of how well green buildings can work in temperate and warm climates, but what about the harsher conditions that can lash homes in rural Quebec? Inhabitat recently had the opportunity to interview Bernat Ferragut and Kate Alvo of Maison Durable Portneuf about the innovative techniques they used to create their eco-friendly, sustainable, elegant home in the woods of Portneuf, Quebec, and how they can help others do the same.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Vertical Farm by Dick Despommier

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VIDEO: Olafur Eliasson's Solar "Little Sun" LED Lamp Lights Up Lives Around the World

Artist Olafur Eliasson explores the importance of turning artistic potential into environmental action in this inspiring new video created by VICE for The Creators Project. Eliasson discusses his Little Sun – a solar-powered LED lamp that can run for up to 5 hours on a single charge. One in every five people on the planet has no access to electricity, so Eliasson sought to harness solar energy in a creative lamp that provides an affordable and sustainable light source for all. Check out the video above!

+ The Creators Project

Images via The Creators Project


Dos Toros' Leo and Oliver Kremer Explain Why Businesses Need to Put Values Before Growth and Expand at Their Own Pace

It’s a known statistic that more than 90% of restaurants fail within their first year of operation. But what is it about the other 10% that keeps them afloat? As Leo and Oliver Kremer, the founders of NYC’s Dos Toros will tell you, it’s not only about providing a delicious product, but it’s about making the most of what you have and keeping true to your vision. Dos Toros first opened in 2009, and, by chance, received a review by the New York Times that brought them a flurry of new customers and critical acclaim. Just a few months after that, their customer base had grown so rapidly that they started to think about opening a second location. But it wasn’t as easy as just scouting a new spot. Leo and Oliver knew that by opening a new location, they’d also be putting half of their brand at risk. “The risks of growing too quickly are greater than the risks of growing too slowly,” says Leo. “If you grow too quickly, the whole thing will die.” The duo decided that they would only expand as fast as they could do it well, and this meant keeping their core values close and making sure that these ideals were apparent in each and every new store they would open. With this smart and admirable business plan, today the Kremer brothers count three locations in Manhattan and one restaurant in Brooklyn. So, their best piece of advice for small business entrepreneurs? Expand at your own pace.

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INTERVIEW: Julie Torres Moskovitz Discusses Passive Houses & Her New Book 'The Greenest Home'

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INTERVIEW: We Interview Reluct's Founder Joost Van Brug

by , 03/18/14
filed under: Interviews, New York City

Joost Van Brug, Reluct, design blog, dutch design, dutch designers, Dutch design scene, Dutch blogs, design-blogs, sustainable design<br /><br /></a>

Joost Van Brug was the man behind Reluct - an excellent design blog that uncovered cutting edge design from 2003-2007. Although Joost is squarely a part of the Dutch design scene and frequently wrote about Dutch designers, his focus was international and his audience reflected this. Unlike many Dutch blogs, Reluct was published in English – and the majority of Joost’s readers were in the US. We sat down in with Joost in 2006 in Amsterdam to chat about Dutch design, design-blogging and sustainability in design. Hit jump to read what he had to say.

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Designers of RockPaperRobot Furniture Share Their Business Tips - Learned The Hard Way

Getting a business off the ground is no easy feat. Once you gather enough courage and resources to run with your dream, you’ll be met with one obstacle after another — all of which are valuable learning experiences. But an even better way to learn is not from your own mistakes — but from the mistakes of others. Get a business leg-up by following the wisdom that RockPaperRobot learned the hard way: You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

Makers of awesome magnetic/floating furniture, kinetic lighting, and dynamic installations, RockPaperRobot is an acclaimed “engineering boutique” building ingenious, physics-defying design pieces that have been wowing design-aficionados and growing a loyal fan base for their unique creations. But the road to success wasn’t so easy for founders Jessica Banks and Mihae Mukaida, and they have one very important bit of advice to share with their fellow entrepreneurs — a lesson they learned on the road to success: You can’t always do it all. Watch their American Express Inside Successful Small Business video above for their story, and keep reading to learn more about this inspiring design/engineering duo.

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VIDEO: Procter & Gamble's Dirty Practices are Destroying the Forest and Making Orphans Out of Baby Orangutans

Many of you may be familiar with Procter & Gamble’s “Thank You, Mom” campaign, which features several cute tots learning how to walk, swim, and more. But there’s another, less than adorable side to P&G that they’ve worked hard to keep under wraps. After conducting a yearlong investigation, Greenpeace has revealed that P&G has been sourcing its palm oil (an ingredient used in shampoos and other health and household products) from plantations that have decimated the forests of Indonesia. What’s even more shocking is that the remains of multiple endangered orangutans have been found scattered throughout and just outside land owned by two major suppliers of the palm oil. Greenpeace recently released a video showing some of the damage that’s been done to the landscape and to the habitats of these endangered animals. Please take a moment to watch it above and share it with your family and friends. And if you’re one of the more than 5 billion people who use their products—which range from Pantene to Tide and Gillette—do consider boycotting P&G products for those that use sustainably harvested materials. You can also further urge the company to do the right thing by signing Greenpeace’s petition asking them to make their products ethically.



INHABITAT INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Architect Guy Ailion

by , 03/13/14
filed under: Architecture, Film, Interviews

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INTERVIEW: We Talk With Prefab Home Architect Toby Long

Clever Homes, CleverHomes, eco design, geen home, green building San Francisco, Green Community building, green design, Heron’s Head Park, Interview with Toby Long, LEJ, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Living Classroom, Prefab Architect, prefab architecture, prefab home, sustainable design, Toby Long, Toby Long AIA

We at Inhabitat are bona fide prefab lovers. And while we tout the benefits of the prefab process every day, it’s also important to step back and examine the potential of the prefab market, its opportunities, and how it can be maximized to produce even more sustainable, affordable, and high-quality structures. Toby Long, of CleverHomes, has been one of prefab’s pioneers with the MiniHome and NowHouse. I had a chance to sit down with him and discuss the prefab “movement,” and how he sees it maturing in the future.

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Interview: David Maundrell of Discusses the Demand for Green Homes in NYC

by , 03/11/14
filed under: Interviews, New York City

aptsandlofts, Apartments and Lofts, Inhabitat interview, New York City, David Maundrell

If you live in New York City, you’ve probably encountered, a go-to resource when searching for prime New York City real estate. We recently had a chance to pick the brain of founder and Brooklyn native David Maundrell about his elegant new Cobble Hill storefront, the demand for green homes in New York City and the Brooklyn Brownstone boom. Read on for his thoughts and to see photos of the space’s double-height, brick-walled interior.



INTERVIEW: LIKEArchitects on the Challenges and Rewards of Sustainable “Performance Architecture”

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to IKEA's Chief Sustainability Officer Steve Howard

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to IKEA's Chief Sustainability Officer…

Why does IKEA care about sustainability? Kind of a hard question... Steve Howard: I'm going to give you a slightly long answer, if that's okay. Long but structured. We have many…

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INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks With Swifty Scooters Creative Director Jason Iftakhar

INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks With Swifty Scooters Creative Director…

 Jason and Camilla Iftakhar INHABITAT: Tell us a bit about your background in eco-design. What made you decide to focus on scooters? I was first introduced to the concept of…

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VIDEO: Added Value Empowers New York's Youth With Urban Farming

VIDEO: Added Value Empowers New York's Youth With Urban Farming

Urban farming is on the rise across the globe; people all over are bringing their food source closer to their doorstep by farming in abandoned lots and on empty rooftops. Ian Marvy, the…

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