BOOK REVIEW: Climate Cover-Up

by , 09/15/13
filed under: global warming, Interviews

sustainable design, green design, james hoggan, climate cover up, inhabitat book review

Conspiracy! Author James Hoggan realizes the ridiculousness of that word, asserting that it “strains credulity and is offensive in its own right.” Yet the massive media sway that he details in his book Climate Cover-Up feels like something a squinty, scruffy, clipboard-wielding man would accost you with. It turns out that most of the oft-quoted global warming skeptics are not climate scientists, and are not published in credible scientific journals. They are funded mostly by think tanks which are, in turn, funded by fossil fuel companies. “There are conspiracies aplenty,” he writes, ” documented and undeniable.” The central conspiracy here is the perpetuation of global warming uncertainty. His book puts out the serious details.

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BOOK REVIEW: Land/Art New Mexico

by , 09/08/13
filed under: Art, Interviews

Land/Art New Mexico, sustainable design, green design, environmental art, eco art, book review, earthworks

If you’re interested in art that uses nature as its medium, there’s no better place to get your fill than Land/Art New Mexico. The event may be over but the gathering was commemorated with this vibrant book by the same name. Written by Lucy Lippard, William Fox, and Nancy Mithlo, it’s a collection of giant photographs and in-depth essays documenting and analyzing the state of land art. Read on to discover all you’ve missed . . .

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INTERVIEW: Ecouterre Talks to Designer Victoria Bartlett About Cruelty-Free Fashion

by , 09/06/13

eco-fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion, Healthy Food in Fashion, Interviews, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style, vegan clothing, vegan fashion, vegan style, Victoria Bartlett, VPL

At Ecouterre, we’ve always been fascinated with designer Victoria Bartlett‘s ability to create fantastic fashions without having to use the furs and skins of animals. So we were delighted to have the chance to speak to this cruelty-free fashion pioneer recently at the annual “Healthy Food in Fashion” fall gala. We chatted with Bartlett about how she thinks we can get more designers to practice cruelty-free fashion, the significance of her controversial human hair accessories, and her favorite meat-free recipe.




INHABITAT INTERVIEW: 8 Questions With Liz Rooks of North Carolina's Research Triangle Park

by , 09/04/13

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BOOK REVIEW: The Eco Chick Guide to Life

by , 09/01/13

 book review, Eco Chick guide to life, eco lifestyle, green book review, green cleaning, green design, green lifestyle, inhabitat book review, starre vartan, sustainable products

The Eco Chick Guide to Life is a roadmap to greener living for the modern girl. Author Starre Vartan covers fashion, makeup, cleaning supplies, pets, drinking, food and more in this easy-to-read guide. When it comes to transitioning into a greener lifestyle, Vartan leaves no questions unanswered. She explains food and clothing labels, breaks down the reasons to go vegetarian, and spells out every acronym. Read on to see what we thought of this comprehensive book for the green living.

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Inhabitat Talks to Lisa Katayama About 'We Are All Radioactive': a Crowdfunded Video Series About Surfers Rebuilding Japan

by , 08/31/13

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INHABITAT INTERVIEW: 8 Questions with Architect Tom Kundig

by , 08/29/13
filed under: Architecture, Interviews

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INTERVIEW: Why John Bartlett Thinks Cruelty-Free Fashion is Going to the Dogs (Literally!)

by , 08/24/13

eco-fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion, Healthy Food in Fashion, Interviews, John Bartlett, NY Coalition for Healthy School Food, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style, vegan clothing, vegan fashion, vegan style

Fashion designer John Bartlett is best known for his classic American garments, but when he’s not creating impeccable clothes, he’s passionate about spreading awareness about animal welfare. We recently caught up with Bartlett at the Healthy Food in Fashion Gala, and got a chance to talk to him about why he chooses to embrace cruelty-free fashion and the The Tiny Tim Collection, his latest line of clothes that benefit organizations that rescue dogs from kill shelters (just like his own 3-legged best friend Tiny Tim) and find them new homes. Read on for the full interview!



VIDEO: Inhabitat Interviews California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom!

by , 08/23/13

California, electric cars, Gavin Newsom, green building San Francisco, green politics in california, green san francisco, high speed rail in CA, INHABITAT GREEN TALKS, inhabitat interviews, mandatory composting, mandatory recycling, renewable energy, san francisco city hall, san francisco mayor gavin newsom, solar power San Francisco, Video, youtube video

Inhabitat readers might remember that we interviewed California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom in 2009, back when he was the mayor of San Francisco in a live webcast that was open to any of our readers who wanted to attend. The finale of our Green Talks series of live chats with green thought-leaders, this interview touched on subjects such as mandatory composting, electric vehicle infrastructure and political leadership in CA. Our interview with Mayor Newsom was provocative and inspiring, and was a can’t-miss bit of Inhabitat journalism, if we do say so ourselves. Happily, for those of you who missed this amazing interview – we finally have the videos together of the interview in its entirety. We’ve chopped the full 35 minute transcript down into 4 shorter, themed segments for easier viewing. Enjoy!

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INTERVIEW: How Grace Bonney Explores Green Interiors & DIY In Design*Sponge at Home

by , 08/18/13

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INTERVIEW: Summer Rayne Oakes Talks to Kavita Parmar About the IOU Project

by , 08/15/13

eco-fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion, Interviews, IOU Project, Kavita Parmar, Source4Style, Summer Rayne Oakes, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style

The IOU Project is a movement to rethink how goods are produced and sold in order to benefit people and the planet, not just big business. Recently, Summer Rayne Oakes, co-founder of Source4Style, spoke to IOU’s founder and creative director Kavita Parmar to find out more about IOU garments and how they’re bringing work to artisan communities and changing how we think about clothing. Read on for the whole interview.



INTERVIEW: We Talk to Designer Fumi Masuda About Sustainable Design

by , 08/12/13

Fumi Masuda, Japanese Designer, inhabitat interview, Japanese Sustainable Designer, Japanese Furniture Design, Open House Inc, green design, eco design, recycled materials

Japanese designer Fumi Masuda, who is responsible for the Pile Chair (an Inhabitat favorite) is the director of the EcoDesign Institute, a professor at the Design Department at Tokyo Zokei University, President of Open House Inc., a member of the Japan Design Consultant Association and founder of the O2 Global Network in Japan. So you can imagine how glad we were when he made some time to talk to us about green design. We recently had the chance to speak to Fumi about his history with design and he offered some interesting perspectives on the sustainable design market. Read on for his thoughts.

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INTERVIEW: Edison2's Chief of Design Ron Mathis

by , 07/31/13

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INTERVIEW: HOK's Bill Odell on the Design of Saudi Arabia's KAUST University, the World's Largest LEED Platinum Project

by , 07/31/13


2d/3d cad, 3D representation, 3d studio max, 3DS, Architecture, autdocad, autodesk, BIM, building information modeling, Building Modeling, CAD, computer aided design, revit, autodesk, green design, greywater filtration, Sustainable Building, Using BIM For Green Building, virtual design and construction, HOK, HOK architects, Bill Odell HOK, BNill Odell, green architecture, Green Building, Sustainable Building, sustainable design, world's largest Leed platinum project, leed platinum university, leed platinum schools, leed rated universities, leed rated schools, kaust unversity, university saudi arabia, kaust university saudi arabia, middle east schools, middle east architecture, saudi arabia architecture, middle east inspired design, saudi arabia designThis interview was first published in November, 2011

Opened late 2009, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, has come to be Saudi Arabia’s first LEED certified project and the world’s largest LEED Platinum project. Designed by HOK, the university is a super sustainable learning institution dedicated to advancing science and technology with a fellowship program that provides full tuition to both male and female graduate and doctorate students. The campus was designed as part of a larger master plan (also designed by HOK) to support a new town of 12,000 people living in over 6.5 million sqf on a 3,200 acre space along the Red Sea. Sited in an environment facing extraordinary challenges, including an extremely hot, humid climate, HOK was asked to create a low-energy, sustainable project that would also provide the necessary facilities to support cutting edge research and education, and a comfortable place to live. What resulted was a spectacular campus, that while modern in design, also draws deeply upon the traditional architecture of Saudi Arabia to minimize its energy needs. Structured like a traditional Arabic city, the campus is compressed to minimize the amount of exterior envelope exposed to the sun and reduce outdoor walking distances. The project also utilizes everything from passively cooled circulation thoroughfares, solar towers, traditional Arabic ‘mashrabiya‘ screens, water reclamation able to capture 100% of the wastewater, and more. We recently sat down with HOK’s Bill Odell, architect and Director of HOK’s Science & Technology group, to talk about the design of KAUST. Read on for Bill’s fascinating story on how he and his global team at HOK were able to construct this top-notch, high-tech institution, and how the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) helped them turn out the world’s biggest sustainable project in just 28 months.

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INTERVIEW: HOK's Yann Weymouth Discusses Designing the Hurricane-Resistant Salvador Dalí Museum

by , 07/24/13
filed under: Architecture, Interviews


Dali Museum, autodesk, BIM, building information modeling, architecture, Building Modeling, CAD, computer aided design, revit, autodesk, green design, greywater filtration, Sustainable Building, Using BIM For Green Building, virtual design and construction, Salvador Dali Museum, world's largest salvador dali collection, eco museums, green museums, sustainable museums, HOK, HOK architects, Yann Weymouth, Buckminster Fuller, dali,dali museum, dali-esque,eco design, florida,geodesic dome, geodesic inspired, green architecture, Green Building, green design,HOK, salvador dali, salvador dali art collection,salvador dali museum, st. petersburg, Sustainable Building, sustainable design, tampa bay, disaster proof architecture, disaster proof design, hurricane resistant building, hurricane resistant architecture, hurricane proof architecture

Earlier this year we reported on the opening of the stunning Salvador Dalí Museum located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The museum is home to the world’s largest collection of Dalí works, and since its debut this past April, the dazzling venue has already welcomed over 300,000 visitors. With its clean minimalist lines juxtaposed against a sparkling geodesic glass atrium, the spectacular structure designed by HOK stands as a work of art in its own right, while still paying homage to the spirit of Salvador Dalí. The building also brings more to the table than just its looks. Housing over 2,000 pieces of Dalí’s most important works, the museum is sited within a corner of the country that often finds itself battered by severe storms with catastrophic results. To prepare for the worst, HOK designed the shell of the structure to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. The design also features numerous green systems, including a solar hot water powered dehumidification system, high efficiency HVAC and ventilation systems, and strategic daylighting to illuminate the interiors. We recently sat down with principal architect and Senior Vice President of HOK Yann Weymouth who enlightened us on the intricacies of the design, and what it took to get the museum built. Jump ahead for our exclusive interview with Yann as he explains the design, and how his team of architects and engineers used Building Information Modeling to build a space that’s not only beautiful and sustainable, but disaster-proof.

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INTERVIEW: We Talk to Artist Benjamin Jones About His Incredible Sustainable TreeHouse

INTERVIEW: We Talk to Artist Benjamin Jones About His Incredible…

Some of us were lucky enough to have moms or dads build treehouses for us - for the rest of us, there's Benjamin Jones. The artist recently brought his colorful TreeHouse made of…

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INTERVIEW: We Talk to Architecture for Humanity's Co-Founder Kate Stohr

INTERVIEW: We Talk to Architecture for Humanity's Co-Founder Kate…

Inhabitat: What were you trying to accomplish with this second version of your book? Kate Stohr: Well, things change with time and people do actually learn a thing or two. The first…

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INTERVIEW: Panasonic's Haruyuki Ishio Gives Us the Inside Scoop About Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town

INTERVIEW: Panasonic's Haruyuki Ishio Gives Us the Inside Scoop About…

INHABITAT: Can you tell us a little bit about Fujisawa SST and what Panasonic is hoping to accomplish with this new endeavor? Mr. Ishio: From the business perspective, our Fujisawa…

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