INTERVIEW: Inhabitat Talks to Urban Chandy Founder Cassidy Brush

by , 05/01/14

cassidy brush, BKLYN Designs 2013, green designers in Brooklyn, NYC green designers, Urban Chandy, Dumbo design event, green lighting, green interiors, green events in NYC, recycled materials, reclaimed materials, urban chandeliers

It was pretty much love at first sight when the Inhabitat editors first laid eyes on Urban Chandy’s sparkling upcycled light fixtures at BKLYN Designs this year, and we recently got a chance to take a closer look. Our very own Diane Pham visited founder Cassidy Brush at her Brooklyn studio and the pair talked about recycled materials, urban inspiration and more. Read on for the full interview.




Inhabitat Talks to Elea Robinson, Founding Faculty at New Amsterdam School, About Growing a Green School

by , 04/30/14

children, eco friendly school, eco friendly schools, Elea Robinson, environment, environmentalism, green school, Holistic Education, nature, nature education, new amsterdam school, New york waldorf school, organic, organic learning, school, teachers, Waldorf, Waldorf Education, waldorf school, waldorf school new york, waldorf school nyc

Do you remember the antsy feeling you would get in school while waiting for the recess bell to ring? Luckily, more kids today are spending time outdoors as educators begin to realize the link between connecting with nature and a holistic education. We recently had a chance to talk with Elea Robinson, a founding faculty member of the New Amsterdam Waldorf School to learn more about how a nature-based curriculum can help to improve the education and well-being of our kids. Read on for the full interview!



VIDEO: Original Copies Author Bianca Bosker on Architectural Mimicry in China

by , 04/30/14

We’ve been fascinated with the concept of duplitecture—the practice of cloning entire buildings—ever since we discovered that Chinese developers were knocking off European architectural icons and, in some cases, even entire towns in the Chinese countryside. Duplitecture expert Bianca Bosker recently published a new book on the subject; Original Copies: Architectural Mimicry in China. We recently had the chance to pick the author’s brain about how and why this trend has spread so prolifically across China in particular. From Chinese clones of the Eiffel Tower to the White House, the country has produced nearly exact duplicates of numerous famous structures from around the world—but why? Check out our interview with Bosker as she answers that question and others about what these copycat buildings signify in terms of China’s culture, and how they are perceived by the rest of the globe.

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Eco Fashion Designer M Patmos Talks About Her Sustainably-Designed Brooklyn Apartment

by , 04/29/14

m patmos, m patmos apartment, m patmos fashion, green interiors, green renovations, sustainable design

Marcia Patmos, the brains behind the much-loved M Patmos eco fashion line, applies her eco-conscious mindset to everything she does. When we saw the designer during fashion week, she mentioned her newly-upgraded Brooklyn apartment, which she sustainably revamped with the help of architect and designer Robert Farrell. She recently invited us to tour the beautiful space, which is a warm and light-filled home, outfitted with a carefully-curated selection of vintage and handmade home decor plus energy-efficient appliances. Hit the jump to see her pretty pad for yourself and learn more about her design inspiration!



VIDEO: Ethical Fur - Is It Possible? And Meet New York's Wild Wolves!

by , 04/27/14

Living in New York City, I often feel like I’m lacking nature in my life. Lucky for me, however I recently got offered the opportunity to go on an “animal adventure roulette” by Subaru to check out some local fauna in the New York City area, with my 5-year-old son Petey. Our first destination? Ambika Conroy’s Compassionate Bunny Fur Farm in upstate New York with 18 angora rabbits, where owner Ambika makes amazingly soft, warm, fur-like winter accessories like scarves, hats and sweaters sans cruelty by brushing her adorable pet rabbits! We also made a stop at a surprise destination to howl with some wild New York wolves. Watch the video here, to see what the wolves have to say to Inhabitat readers!




INTERVIEW: Smart Tips on How to Green Your School from Aimee Østensen of the Manhattan Country School

by , 04/25/14

Aimee Arandia Østensen, children’s education, eco education, green education, Aimee Ostensen, Green school, green grade school, eco school New York City, eco-friendly grade school New York City, Manattan Green School, Eco School, green your school, greening education, Manhattan Country School, Manhattan Country School farm, MCS, MCS Farm, MCS Farm Catskills, sustainable education

Studies show that sustainable learning environments can be a big advantage for students, improving their well-being, happiness and even their cognitive processes. But how can parents ensure that their children’s classrooms are as green as they can be? We recently spoke to Aimee Arandia Østensen of the Manhattan Country School about the best ways to implement an eco-friendly curriculum at your child’s school. Read on for her tips here!



INTERVIEW: Architect James Cleary on Designing the Kitchen of the Future, Today

by , 04/23/14

inhabitat interview, james cleary, james cleary architect, nyc architect, brooklyn architect, pacific street trio, kitchen design, modern kitchens, eco kitchens, fisker + paykel, eco appliances, modern appliances, architect interview, modern kitchen design

James Cleary is a Brooklyn-based architect who has designed many residential buildings throughout NYC

Over the last century, the design of the kitchen has changed dramatically. Once a service space relegated to the back of the house, today we use kitchens as everything from offices to entertainment spaces to cozy nooks for respite—the kitchen has very much become the heart of the modern home. So what do architects think about when designing this ever-important space? We caught up with Brooklyn-based residential architect James Cleary, of James Cleary Architecture, to talk about how he approaches kitchen design when planning his residential works. Here, James explains the challenges of creating a “sociable kitchen”, how details such as appliances and materials can transform how we experience our kitchens, and what he envisions the kitchen of the future to look like (flying robots, anyone?!). Keep reading to learn more!

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INTERVIEW: We Talk to Joinless Founder Ben Davis About How Buying Less Crap Can Make Us Happier

by , 04/22/14
filed under: Interviews

Ben Davis, consumerism, eco-fashion, ethical fashion, green fashion, JoinLess, less is more, materialism, Sustainable Fashion, sustainable style, voluntary simplicity

Have you ever felt like the objects you own actually own you? If so, maybe you should join Joinless, the world’s first open source brand. Joinless is based on the idea that we shouldn’t allow our obsession with possessions rule us and that we can actually be happier than we’ve ever been with less stuff. We recently got the chance to talk to Joinless’ founder Ben Davis about this fascinating anti-brand, which might be the only one ever to insist that you not spend money on them.



INTERVIEW: Department of Energy's David Danielson on How America Can Win the Clean Energy Race

by , 04/17/14

Department of Energy, interview, David Danielson, DOE, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, ARPA-E, clean energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean tech, government

2013′s government shutdown didn’t stop the United States Department of Energy (DOE) from moving forward on a range of initiatives to ramp up renewable energy, promote energy efficiency, and combat climate change. Leading the efforts to ensure that America continues to lead in the global clean energy race, is Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Dr. David Danielson. With a diverse background as a clean energy venture capitalist, and the first program director at DOE’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), Danielson brings a wealth of both private and public sector experience to EERE. Danielson recently talked with us about the work his office is doing on making the building industry and federal government more sustainable and transitioning the nation to a clean energy economy.

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INTERVIEW: We Chat With 16 Year Old Tiny House Builder Austin Hay

by , 04/16/14

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INTERVIEW: We Talk to Natural Machine’s Lynette Kucsma About the Foodini 3D Food Printer

by , 04/08/14

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VIDEO: How to Switch Your Light Bulbs And Get Ready for the Federal Light Bulb Phase-Out

by , 04/07/14

You may have heard some buzz about the light bulb phase out – but do you know the details of what is actually happening and when? The Federal Energy Independence and Securities act began in the U.S. in October of 2012, and 40 and 60 watt incandescent light-bulbs were just phased out this week, on January 1st. Despite what some people have been calling it, it is really less of a “ban” and more of a gradual phase-out of outdated, obsolete energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs, which encourages retailers to start stocking the latest high-tech, low energy light bulbs. Despite the fact that this has been happening for quite some time now, many people still don’t know much about it. We consider it our mission at Inhabitat to help! A little while ago, we brought you a fun-filled article all about this important new federal law, but if for some reason you haven’t read our handy guide yet, or just prefer old-fashioned face time, we’ve made it even easier for you to digest the most crucial facts behind the light bulb phase-out (what it is, who it affects) with our new video explaining how to swap your bulbs.

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VIDEO: 6 Smart Home Products Which Will Cut Your Energy Bill

by , 04/05/14

Feeling the pinch when it comes time to pay your monthly bills? Lucky for you there are a few simple steps you can take to cut down your energy costs. With just a few simple and inexpensive products – some of which you probably even already have in your home – you can potentially to knock hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars off your annual energy bill. On top of that, a home that is energy efficient can also dramatically transform how you and your family live by creating a comfortable space that promotes both health and well-being. Watch our video guide above and learn about these 6 smart, simple and affordable home products that will leave you with lower heating bills, a pocket full of cash saved, and a house full of happy inhabitants!

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INTERVIEW: Takaharu Tezuka Incorporates Nature and Function in Architecture

by , 04/04/14

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DIY: Learn How To Make Waldorf-Style Whole Wheat Bread at Home (VIDEO)

by , 04/03/14

Pint-sized patissier Petey Rojas is back again with a brand new recipe to share! This time, our favorite four-year-old teaches us how to bake delicious Waldorf-style whole wheat bread using just a few simple ingredients (flour, salt, water, yeast). This yummy bread takes only a few minutes to prep, it doesn’t require a bread maker, and it’s a fun, hands-on recipe that’s sure to delight both kids and adults alike. Check out Petey’s adorable DIY video above, and be sure to give the recipe a try. We’ve also got the full, printable instructions after the jump!



Om Aroma & Co. Founder Angela Jia Kim Gives Advice on What to Do When Your Business Plan Stinks

Om Aroma & Co. Founder Angela Jia Kim Gives Advice on What to Do…

While having a lot of heart can certainly bring your business to great heights, at the end of the day you'll still need customers to keep your doors open. Eco-beauty line Om Aroma &…

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VIDEO: Inhabitat Interviews Janine Benyus, Author and Founder of Biomimicry 3.8

VIDEO: Inhabitat Interviews Janine Benyus, Author and Founder of…

In 1997, biologist and innovation consultant Janine Benyus, released her first book Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. In this publication she coined the term 'biomimicry' and…

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INTERVIEW: Ed Mazria, Founder of Architecture 2030 Introduces the 2030 Palette

INTERVIEW: Ed Mazria, Founder of Architecture 2030 Introduces the 2030…

Ed Mazria is the influential environmental architect behind the 2030 Challenge, which aims to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in new construction, and to cut the use of fossil fuels…

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