SonicStar Super Plane Could Travel from London to New York in 2 Hours

by , 06/27/11

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Since Concorde was retired, the world has been without a supersonic passenger jet. But that could soon change with the unveiling of the SonicStar. Designed by HyperMach, the supersonic plane is so quick it could make a flight from London to New York in two hours!

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Capable of supersonic flight at a speed of Mach 3.5. SonicStar “tackles the combined requirements of speed, reduced emissions and low overland noise, effectively ushering in a new dawn in aviation history.”

The British design firm believes that the 20-seat plane will be capable of such speeds thanks to its S-MAGJET hybrid gas turbine engine technology. With its low fuel consumption, Richard Lugg, HyperMach’s chief executive, says that the Sonic Star “overcomes the economic and environmental challenges of  supersonic flight to revolutionise the way we travel and drive air transportation forward into the future.”

Mankind has always been inspired to do things better, quicker and faster and that is our ambition.”

HyperMach plans to build its engine by the end of the decade and hopes to have the plane itself constructed by 2025. In keeping with modern thinking, it will also reduce emissions dramatically.

By generating massive amounts of electrical power, the SonicStar uses proprietary integrated turbine electromagnetic generation technology to segment each engine rotating component stage electrically. This segmentation will enable the engine to change the operating speeds of its rotating components continually throughout the flight, in order to respond to the changing conditions of the atmosphere and the flight and performance demands of the aircraft.

HyperMach claims that this will result in a 40 to 50 percent increase in the ability of the engine to convert fuel to thrust. As such, fuel efficiency would ultimately lead to a 30 to 35 per cent reduction in fuel used at supersonic speeds.

+ Hypermach

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  1. lazyreader June 28, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Even if this plane works technically, would it be that much to think it may not work economically. The Concorde never solved it’s sonic boom problem which is why it never flew over land, only the Atlantic. It carried no more than 100 passengers. A 747 can carry over 3 times as many passengers on the same amount of fuel. Jumbo jets are slower but they enjoy per capita cost savings far better than the Concorde. A smaller private jet is more fuel efficient than it. The high per-passenger takeoff weight makes it difficult to obtain a good fuel fraction. This, together with the relatively poor supersonic lift/drag ratios, supersonic aircraft have historically had relatively poor range, that’s why fighter jets have to carry fuel pods in order to fly sortie missions over 500 miles. Airlines buy aircraft as a means of making money, and wish to make as much return on investment as possible from their assets. Airlines potentially value very fast aircraft, because it enables the aircraft to make more flights per day, providing a higher return on investment. However, Concorde’s high noise levels around airports, time zone issues and insufficient speed meant that only a single return trip could be made per day, so the extra speed was not an advantage to the airline other than as a selling feature to its otherwise wealthy customers. All the technological improvements that increase performance of SST planes also could be adapted to sub sonic aircraft making them better. Blended wing body aircraft may in the future carry nearly a thousand passengers with a 25-50 percent gain in fuel economy rendering SonicStar obsolete.

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