Gallery: Bikes Win Race Over JetBlue Airplane in Carmageddon

A team of cyclists, a guy on a subway, and a Rollerblader beat a JetBlue flight from Burbank to the city of Long Beach. In light of Carmageddon this past weekend, JetBlue decided to run a promotion offering $4 dollar fares to fly from the Long Beach Airport down to Burbank and back for one day only. The giveaway prompted a group of bikers, a girl on a her Rollerblades, and a guy on a subway to each race against the clock seeing who could make it to the Long Beach Aquarium first. In the end, JetBlue ended-up eating their own jet fuel. The local CBS station covered the event (video can be seen HERE). Full race results on the Metro Rider and Rollerblader after the jump.


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